Friday, 2 September 2011

Some almost vintage teddy's.

Remember how I said I would take some pictures of the things I got out of the storage box in this post? Well I have finally taken them.

My son’s wife is due to have their first baby next month and Nick (my son) knew I had his teddy from when he was a baby packed away and asked if I could send it to him as he wanted to show his wife (Tara).

Nicks Teddys (4) (Medium)

So that prompted me to dig around and find it amongst all the other baby things I had packed away. Nick is 37 and so this teddy isn't young and almost a vintage one….I think something has to be 40 years old to be classed as vintage. Anyway along with this darling teddy was this very much played with teddy.

Nicks Teddys (1) (Medium) 

He is missing his eyes and was rather shabby and I wasn't game enough to wash him like I did the blue one, so will leave him ‘as is’. Although I think he should have new eyes tho.

I washed the little dresses I sewed for my daughter Zoei,  that I had packed away too. I kept a few of the clothes my baby's wore as mementos.

These ones I sewed ‘smocking’ on them and I taught myself how to sew clothes and smocking from books, so I was pretty proud to have done these for my baby girl. Zoei is now 30 so these little dresses are not new either.

Zoeis Dresses Vicki made her (8) (Medium)

Zoeis Dresses Vicki made her (9) (Medium)

Zoeis Dresses Vicki made her (2) (Medium)

Zoeis Dresses Vicki made her (3) (Medium)

So that is a couple of the dresses I did and will show you more another time.

I sewed quite a lot back then and even sewed some clothes for a friend who had a daughter two weeks after I had Zoei.

Loved it then and love it now …..nothing much has changed hehehe.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and it’s Father’s Day here in Australia on Sunday. So hugs to all the Dads!

Hugs to all……


8 lovely people said....:

Allie said...

Wow - do they know if it's a boy or girl? Those teddy's are adorable, missing eyes or not! I like to see a well-loved teddy. The dresses are so darling dear girl - your smocking is beautiful. I've never tried that, and probably won't. It intimidates me, lol.

Quilt n Queen said...

Well Vicki....we have a lot in common. My oldest son is 37 and my youngest is 34....I didn't have a daughter but I did a lot of sewing for the boys. I luved to smock too but haven't done it in 40 years. I'd have to learn how to do it again.....forgot how. I'm a teddy bear collector and have a few hundred including my son's. My 6 year old grandson luvs his dad's teddy bear. Have a great weekend!!

sandra said...

I wish the little smocked dresses were still popular. they are so gorgeous.

Domac said...

Wow - smocking. Aren't they lovely dresses. So Vicki, do you have a granddaughter to wear them? And I gave my last Teddybear away the other week when I was shifting house - gave it to a friend's young granddaughter.

Margarita said...

So cute Vicki, my DS (20) still has his Teddy (Colourful by name) in his room. Sits in the corner and surveys everything that goes on. He tried to throw it out a while back.
Love the dresses.

Liz said...

Those dresses are beautiful. Teddies are so special!!!

Barb said...

Oh...what memories....sweet sweet memories...thanks for sharing.

Joy said...

Oh that brown bear is adorable!!!! He/she looks so well loved :o). Your little smocked dresses are gawjus too - oh you're so clever, I'd love to be able to do that :o). I'm sure Nick will be over the moon to have such wonderful memories to share with his little darling - I bet finding them took you back in time too ;o).
Love n hugs,
Joy xxxxx