Friday 19 February 2021

Finally Back!!

 Hello everyone.... 

I feel like I am a prehistoric dinosaur with my blog...

So long since I did a post... well I will do one now...

Grab a cuppa cause its a loooong one...

First of all some sad news...

On February 14th 2020 my Dad passed away... he was 89 yrs old and had been in hospice for a few months... I miss him heart broke a bit more when he passed.
His name was Robert but all who knew him called him Bob.

Then Covid hit us all and that isn't nice at all... I wont go on about that but I did want to say it is still happening and it now recorded.


In August I got divorced and on social media I am now Vicki Green..

Then my dearest brother passed on 30th September 2020 from the cancer that gripped him... 
I was once again devastated as Chris was my dearest brother. He was 69 yrs old..

We were lucky in Western Australia with the Covid that we didnt have restrictions and we were able to say goodbye to Chris.

 Then  1st November 2020 my ex-Father-in-law passed away in Melbourne... he was 87 yrs old.

Christmas was a good time as my kids ....Nick and his partner Pauline and Nick's boys Jasper and Sebastion came and stayed the night..
Also my daughter Zoei and her daughter Sophie came and stayed also. My ex-husband who is the Nick and Zoei's Dad came also. So it was a full on Christmas time for me. I loved it all.

Ended up with lots of pressies under the tree... The grandies were excited :)

Then my Ex-Mother-In-Law passed away on January 3rd 2021. She was 90 years old and quite sick at the end. She passed away in Melbourne.

So that is all the sadness and now I want to show you things I have sewed and quilted etc.. 

I have taken up cross stitching which I am sure my Mum is looking down on me from Heaven and feeling very pleased with me. I am really enjoying it.

Here are some things I have sewn.. first up is some Halloween ones... I love the colours and designs of Halloween but I don't do it.

Then just a few different ones....

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my creations... next time I will put up my cross stitching ones...

Tuesday 5 February 2019

A Long Truthful Post

Hello everyone and first of all thank you all for your lovely comments on my last blog post .... I was thrilled that you all did comment... so thank you :)

This is a rose for you all... I know its a Valentine one but I don't have a Valentine in my life now so will give you all a rose .. :) 

I have been coping with the heat we get here but we are lucky in Mandurah as the sea breeze comes in and cools things down often. So its not too many days where we cook!!

I have been reflecting on some things lately and they just wont get out of my head so I thought if I write them down it might help me come to terms with these things that are bothering me.

First of all I just want you all to know, I was terribly hurt at the beginning of 2016 when life dealt me a raw deal... I was told to leave my life I was living with my then husband in Melbourne.
 I won't say exactly what was said but it was enough for me to say.. "Well its all over!!" So I organised a removalist and packed up my stuff and moved back to W.A. 
As I said I lived with  my son for a few months as I got the truck load of my stuff that cost over $6,000.00 moved to his place in Dumbleyung. I didn't get any help from anyone and its only because I got a bit of an inheritance that I was able to afford to move. I had to buy myself another car as the one I had in Melbourne was totalled by my FIL and originally I was going to drive it back to WA but after he smashed it up, I couldn't and therefor I had to fly back and also had to leave my little fur baby behind as she wouldn't have handled the flight over.  I wont say what I thought of my FIL then as it still stands today. Not Nice!!

Anyway I was not well at that time and those who went to LGS in Tassie would remember I was not well at all. I didn't join in on any thing much then cause I just couldn't and didn't want to embarrass myself by being sick everywhere. Then when I got home the shit hit the fan so to speak and I then had to pack up and move back to WA as an unwell person. 
It was just as well I got that inheritance as it helped me get my life back on track... Well I thought it was getting back on track...

I then talked with the ones who I was a part of in organizing the LGS weekends and told them that I couldn't make it to the Adelaide for the 2017 one as I was still unwell and I had a new fur baby and would encounter several expenses to get to it. I was shunned off big time and I mean "BIG' and I have not been spoken to since and was told that my design I had was not welcomed as I wont be there. 
I was planning on going to the next one in 2018 as I should have things on track by then but because I had backs turned on me I felt like I was not welcomed anymore. 
I used to get phone calls by one of the "Nutters" every week and after I told them all I couldn't go those phone calls stopped...Boom!! no more... the so called 'Sistas' in my life where I was told that they loved me and will be Sisters for ever just didn't speak to me again. One has and I am thankful that she isn't like the other two. 
I was deeply hurt and this blew me out of the water and I still am trying to work out how a Christian person can do this?? All I did was say I couldn't go to the
Adelaide LGS. 
Anyway I am sure a few of you go to these weekends away and I hope that you have a wonderful time there. Just don't believe all you are told until you get it from the horses mouth. (Mine)

The next chain of events are very disappointing as you think you have friends and you listen to all their woes and tribulations and show them empathy and such but when you confide in them when you are having a lousy time in life they run for the hills. A couple of so called friends have run away and wont explain why they have and so I wont wonder anymore as I now am a firm believer in this below.

I have a few lifetime friends but not many. I love them dearly.
So those who belong to LGS were a Reason...
The friends who I thought were my true friends were a Season. After awhile they ran away.... bye bye Seasons.... 
I am a Taurus and once I make a friend and let you in my life I expect to be your friend for a Lifetime. I used to get hurt very badly when those friends turned their backs on me but now I don't hurt anymore as I was a Reason in their lives. They needed to learn something from me. Once they did they had no need for me... Oh well.. bye bye Reasons :)

I am guessing many of you wont be able to handle all this truthfulness and will stop following me or be like the Reasons and Seasons. 
I am feeling better since I got this all written down and out there and I know I can now move on. 

I really need to move on. So I am gifting this to myself :)

If you are still with me I will show you some of the things I have been sewing...
Yes if I didn't sew I would be in jail... It keeps me sane.

Here are some quilts I have made and then quilted using my Q'nique 14+ longarm sewing machine... but will post more at a later date. Yes I brought it over with way was I leaving that behind!!

This one below was a customer order...she supplied the fabrics and I made a quilt to her specifications and then quilted it.

This cushion below was designed for the Adelaide LGS but once I wasn't going I changed it to suit me with a different centre part. I love it and always have it out at Christmas time. 

My Q'nique set up at my sons house. He is the best installer :) actually he has installed it 4 times for me since I moved over. 
This quilt I love and was fabulous to sew together and quilt.

Anyway I will leave you for now and will show you more next time.

Hugs to all 

Thursday 24 January 2019

A long time.....

 Hello Bloggers!!! My goodness...It's 2 and a half years since I last did a blog post. What happened??
I think I got busy with Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram. Plus life! 
  Well I wont guarantee too many future posts but I will try to do some more.
It wouldn't surprise me if you stopped following me and said... whats the use in following her she doesn't post anything. 
  But I will put up a few pics to get into the hang on posting again.
  First up is I am now living in Mandurah, Western Australia. 
After moving from Melbourne in 2016. How time flies eh? Sheesh. 
  I moved from Melbourne to live with my son and his partner for about 8 months then I got a little house to rent ...this was in Dumbleyung.

 Where is that you ask? 
Its about 250 ks south east of Perth and is a very small country town. 
From there I shifted to Mandurah in August 2018. Which is an hour south of Perth.
When I was living with my son I got my fur baby Pippy..

she was just 6 weeks old when I got her and now she is over two years old and I love her to bits. I had to leave my beautiful fur baby Bella

 in Melbourne with my ex-husband. That broke my heart leaving her. She was my baby!! 
I still miss her terribly even tho I have Pippy...two totally different pups and I wouldn't give up Pippy for anything or anyone.
Now I have another fur baby ... Ivy and she is 18 years old and was a rescue baby. I love her to bits too.

Me and my two girls ... Ivy on the left and Pippy on the right.

I now can watch my grandies grow up!! I don't miss them terribly like I did when I was in Melbourne. That was the worse thing and I missed my kids too. But not anymore!! 
I have been sewing and doing quilts on my longarm quilting machine so that has kept me busy as well as gardening. 
I got a garden going in the Dumbleyung house as there practically nothing there. 
Here in this house I am in now I keep the garden maintained but dont seem to have the desire to do gardening as I did in Dumbleyung. I guess it will come once I find the energy. That only seems to be there for living at the moment.
Well On that note I will post this and I hope I don't shock you too much. 
I will do more posts and put up pics of my sewing and creations very soon. 

Hugs to all