Friday 19 February 2021

Finally Back!!

 Hello everyone.... 

I feel like I am a prehistoric dinosaur with my blog...

So long since I did a post... well I will do one now...

Grab a cuppa cause its a loooong one...

First of all some sad news...

On February 14th 2020 my Dad passed away... he was 89 yrs old and had been in hospice for a few months... I miss him heart broke a bit more when he passed.
His name was Robert but all who knew him called him Bob.

Then Covid hit us all and that isn't nice at all... I wont go on about that but I did want to say it is still happening and it now recorded.


In August I got divorced and on social media I am now Vicki Green..

Then my dearest brother passed on 30th September 2020 from the cancer that gripped him... 
I was once again devastated as Chris was my dearest brother. He was 69 yrs old..

We were lucky in Western Australia with the Covid that we didnt have restrictions and we were able to say goodbye to Chris.

 Then  1st November 2020 my ex-Father-in-law passed away in Melbourne... he was 87 yrs old.

Christmas was a good time as my kids ....Nick and his partner Pauline and Nick's boys Jasper and Sebastion came and stayed the night..
Also my daughter Zoei and her daughter Sophie came and stayed also. My ex-husband who is the Nick and Zoei's Dad came also. So it was a full on Christmas time for me. I loved it all.

Ended up with lots of pressies under the tree... The grandies were excited :)

Then my Ex-Mother-In-Law passed away on January 3rd 2021. She was 90 years old and quite sick at the end. She passed away in Melbourne.

So that is all the sadness and now I want to show you things I have sewed and quilted etc.. 

I have taken up cross stitching which I am sure my Mum is looking down on me from Heaven and feeling very pleased with me. I am really enjoying it.

Here are some things I have sewn.. first up is some Halloween ones... I love the colours and designs of Halloween but I don't do it.

Then just a few different ones....

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my creations... next time I will put up my cross stitching ones...


  1. Hi Vicki and welcome back to blog land.
    Your 2020 has been truly awful with so much loss for you and your family. So sorry to hear this. Here's to a better 2021.

    1. Thanks Anorina... it was a tough year but time will keep on going and things will improve.. Roll on 2021!!

  2. Hello Vicki, so nice to see old friends pop up again...
    you sure had a difficult 2020 but I'm pleased you were able to celebrate Christmas with your family...
    Lots of beautiful sewing projects you had to show..

    I didn't realise you were a Sand groper !!!!

    1. Thanks maria... Lovely to hear from you and sewing keeps me sane :) Yes I am a Sand Groper :)

  3. You certainly had some catching up to do - so sorry for your losses. Welcome back to blog land.

  4. Lovely to find you here. What a sad year you have had. Lots of lovely patchwork though. xx

  5. Thanks Lin Avery hard year and thanks god for sewing :)