Thursday, 24 January 2019

A long time.....

 Hello Bloggers!!! My goodness...It's 2 and a half years since I last did a blog post. What happened??
I think I got busy with Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram. Plus life! 
  Well I wont guarantee too many future posts but I will try to do some more.
It wouldn't surprise me if you stopped following me and said... whats the use in following her she doesn't post anything. 
  But I will put up a few pics to get into the hang on posting again.
  First up is I am now living in Mandurah, Western Australia. 
After moving from Melbourne in 2016. How time flies eh? Sheesh. 
  I moved from Melbourne to live with my son and his partner for about 8 months then I got a little house to rent ...this was in Dumbleyung.

 Where is that you ask? 
Its about 250 ks south east of Perth and is a very small country town. 
From there I shifted to Mandurah in August 2018. Which is an hour south of Perth.
When I was living with my son I got my fur baby Pippy..

she was just 6 weeks old when I got her and now she is over two years old and I love her to bits. I had to leave my beautiful fur baby Bella

 in Melbourne with my ex-husband. That broke my heart leaving her. She was my baby!! 
I still miss her terribly even tho I have Pippy...two totally different pups and I wouldn't give up Pippy for anything or anyone.
Now I have another fur baby ... Ivy and she is 18 years old and was a rescue baby. I love her to bits too.

Me and my two girls ... Ivy on the left and Pippy on the right.

I now can watch my grandies grow up!! I don't miss them terribly like I did when I was in Melbourne. That was the worse thing and I missed my kids too. But not anymore!! 
I have been sewing and doing quilts on my longarm quilting machine so that has kept me busy as well as gardening. 
I got a garden going in the Dumbleyung house as there practically nothing there. 
Here in this house I am in now I keep the garden maintained but dont seem to have the desire to do gardening as I did in Dumbleyung. I guess it will come once I find the energy. That only seems to be there for living at the moment.
Well On that note I will post this and I hope I don't shock you too much. 
I will do more posts and put up pics of my sewing and creations very soon. 

Hugs to all


  1. Welcome back. Look forward to seeing your sewing and stitching. Happy Stitching.

  2. Wow. Vicki. Lovely to see the blog post. Love your little girls and your grandies. Enjoy your time and take care. Liz

  3. oh such a good girl you are..

  4. Great to catch up on your moves, your pups and your life in WA. I really enjoyed your blog post.

  5. Welcome back!
    Seems like several people have started to return to their blogs lately.
    Will stay tuned.

  6. Welcome back. We all post when it's right. My blog has been u. Ate. Sad for a long time.
    So glad you are loving WA.

  7. Hello Vicki and Welcome to the West......
    Nice to see you have two lovely fur babies for company and it's great to be living close to your family..
    Look forward to your posts.....

  8. Good to have you back Vicki,gee that 2 years has gone fast,lovely fur babies you have ,hope to see you post again soon ,take care xx

  9. welcome back to blogland.... I am one that took you off my list since you had stopped.. back on my feedly now.... great to read you again and see that you have settled well in WA...

  10. Glad to see you blogging my friend xox pennyshilling

  11. Lovely to see you again. You look happy in your new life in W.A. With those gorgeous fur-babies.