Monday, 29 August 2011

Finally a finish!

It was such fun sewing all the fabric covered buttons for my Simple Things quilt. It’s finally finished!! YAY!!!

I do love this quilt and the border is special too….I think that is what got me keen to do it in the first place.  

I even excelled myself and machine quilted it with a big swirly pattern all over it.

Charming Chatter Quiltalong (2) (Medium)

You would have read in my previous post where I was stitching the little flowers in the squares. Several of you have emailed me and thanked me for the little design of the Daisy flower and as I said it was my pleasure to be able to give it to you. It makes me happy to hear of anyone using my free designs for themselves, but it saddens me when they are used in designs that are not for personal use. Copyright still applies to free designs.

I am saying this as I have noticed that this little flower has been used by someone else in a new design  that they are going to have published.


Just thought I would show you this as I was going thru a box of things that I have had packed away….It is me when I was about 6 years old.

with out name on (Small)1

I have always been intrigued with Silhouettes. This was done in Adelaide and I wonder if the fella who did it is still doing them…..Mmm somehow I think not. Too long ago now lol.

I have pulled out a few other things from the box and will take pictures of them to show you in another post.

Hope you all are having a great week

hugs to all…..


21 lovely people said....:

barb's creations said...

Gorgeous quilt Vicki,love the colours you've used.I must get started on mine....maybe in my uni holidays this September? :) Barb.

sunny said...

LOve the buttons, and you did a great job with the quilting.

AnitaS said...

What a lovely idea. I love the way you put your buttons on your quilt.

Barb said...

Your quilt looks fabulous!!!

Sheila said...

Beautiful quilt and love the buttons as well as your quilting . Kind of sad that someone has copied your design .

Dawn said...

Oh Vicki your quilt is gorgeous and I love those buttons... amazing effect the border has...the sillouette guy was at the show about 5 years ago when I was there...I had one done of me for my parents...will have to see if they still have it...the show is on this next week...the guy would have been in his 80's when I saw him... was it at the Royal Show that you had it done????
Hugs Dawn x x x

Graciela said...

Congratulations Vicky!!! have a nice day today!! kisses for you♥♥

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Hi Vicki, I love your SImple things quilt and the flowers look super cute. Haven't finalised mine yet, waiting for the fabric to come out in yardage to add a wide border! You shoud be so proud of yours. Hugs, Sharon

Terry said...

Your quilt is beautiful Vicki! Congratulations on getting it finished! :0)

Cathy said...

I love the quilt you did a great job. I just need to find a backing and binding and mine is also done. You can do your own silhouettes. My mom did all of us kids when we were about 5 to 12 years of age. She used a bright light and we had to sit in a chair and she shown the light onto the wall and traced us. As a matter of fact I still have the work..It desperatley needs to be reframed but otherwise looks just like us. She did it and cut the images from black felt and mounted them on White and framed. I know you could figure it out yourself.


Heather said...

Vicki, your quilt is absolutely adorable - I truly love the colours... I just had to leave you a comment about your designs, I certainly feel for you about your free designs (as well as your purchased ones)... I deal with the same thing all the time, create a design and see someone else using it (I have even made one of a kind for people and asked them "not to share" and lo and behold...)- I also wanted to mention I just opened up a physical shop this year and was going to name it Pickledish, and didn't... too funny! Your work is precious!

Allie said...

Oh my goodness your quilt is gorgeous - love the border, and the buttons, and the quilting is perfect! Good job Vicki!

I hate to hear that someone has used your design, I know it's something designers worry about. I've not had that experience yet, but I know it will happen - the internet seems to make it too easy.

Love your silhouette, I have a couple from my childhood that I need to frame, I just love them. I wish I'd had them done of my boys.

Hanne said...

Lovely quilt. I love the color and quilting:-)

quiltercaroline said...

Congratulations Vicki - what a lovely quilt. I love the fresh feel it has with the fabric choices as well as the pattern - as you say the border is pretty special. Well done.

Christine M said...

Your quilt looks lovely Vicki. You mist be very pleased!

Marilyn said...

Vicki, your quilt is beautiful. The border and buttons finish it off so well. Beautiful fresh fabrics.
Lovely silhouette.
Take care. Hugs. xx

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Vicki, the quilt looks lovely, and the quilting is great too. :)
I remember the man who used to do silhouettes at the show here, he used to be just inside the main gate- we got both DD's done one year. I think he is probably long gone now.
Yes it seems that people's ideas/patterns still get stolen- well there's no other word for it, is there? and as it is copyright it is breaking the law. :(
It must be very disheartening.

Ondrea said...

Vicki, that is absolutely gorgeous. So sorry to hear that someone has abused your generosity though.

Fiona said...

It looks great Vic - Truly beautiful and so fresh looking with your colour choices. It makes me very sad that someone has used your free design like that.

Hugs - Fee X

Joy said...

What a gawjus quilt Vicki ... the colours and so fresh, it's really delightful!!
It's so disappointing to find out that someone has used a design of yours as their own :o(.
Love n Hugs,
Joy :o)

cheryl said...

Love the quilt Vicki, so bright and fresh! Funny about the silouette, I just found the ones I had done on my 3 children must be about 25 yrs ago, was thinking of the 3 of them in one frame. I heard that the chap died about 2 yrs ago, but not definite.