Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What are these?

I was so excited to be finally making a batch of zucchini and apple muffins that when these came out of the oven I was so disappointed. *Very glum look*

I said…..”What the heck are these???”

Muffins (2)

The mixture was a bit too thin and so before I put the next lot in I mixed in some more flour.

Ahhhh that’s better….now these I will definitely call muffins.

Muffins (1)

Muffins (3)

These are very yummy too. I have not ever had zucchini and apple muffins before and I will be making more in the future too.


The other morning we had a foggy morning and on the clothes line the spider webs had dew all on them. I was amazed at how this tiny little spider had made such a big web. And so perfect too. You can see the spider on the top yellow line at the centre.

20-08-2011 (3) (Medium)


My little Bella is growing bigger and graduated with a certificate from Puppy School. She can ‘Sit’, ‘Beg’, ‘Drop’, ‘Roll Over’, and a couple of other tricks too. She is so cheeky at times and makes me laugh often with her antics.

I have yet to take her out for walks and I want to do this soon now that nicer weather is here.

Here she found a twig!

28-8-11 (1) (Medium)

28-8-11 (4) (Medium)

So where are the other things I was going to show you? I got to iron them….so they are coming. Promise. *Grin*

Hope you all are having a fab week…..

hugs to all…..




12 lovely people said....:

Barb said...

I hate it when I do that to cookies....cute dog.

Sue Pickwell said...

Hi Vicki
The muffins look very yummy, wish you could send me one as I am at work drinking my coffee, would go down nicely...
Love your puppy she's so pretty.
Have a wonderful day!

Val said...

Your muffins look delicious!! And that puppy is darling!

Allie said...

Now Vicki, that first batch looks like something *I* would bake, lol! I bet they tasted good, though! Lovely, lovely capture of that spider web - I never get up early enough to see them like that.

Bella is absolutely adorable, the pic of her with the twig is priceless, you need a caption on that one! Congrats to her on graduating!

barb's creations said...

Bella is just gorgeous Vicki,and how delicate does that spider web look.Looking forward to seeing what you've been ironing :) Barb.

Christine M said...

I haven't heard of zucchini and apple muffins before either. They (the second batch, lol) certainly do look yummy! Well done to Bella too.

De said...

Shame about the first batch of muffins but the second ones look great!

Your puppy is so cute!

Fiona said...

Gosh she's grown !!! And such a cutie pie too :) The spider web pic is gorgeous Vic and the muffins look yummy - Care to share your recipe?

Hugs - Fee XX

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Bella is adorable!
I really had to look twice for that spider - so tiny!

Liz said...

Spider Web is amazing.I love seeing thosse. Muffins look delish!!!!!

Karen's Korner said...

An interesting combo with the muffins. Sweet and savoury together. Bella is sooooooooo cute and a good student as well.

Melody said...

Happy Spring Vicki. I adore seeing photos of little Bella - what a sweetie.