Saturday, 3 September 2011

More little dresses and show and tell.

Sewing always gives me pleasure and for some reason it calms me and makes me think the world is a wonderful place.

Stroking and stashing fabric is another thing that gives me pleasure. I love looking at the beautiful designs on the fabrics and the lovely colours too.

When I used to sew dresses etc. for my daughter, Zoei, when she was little, there wasn't a lot of different prints, so adding lace, smocking, ribbon or pin tucks was a way to make the little outfits more pretty.

Zoei in dress Vicki made her and she won best dressed

This dress I did pin tucks across the top yoke and along the bottom of the dress. I added ribbon to the ruffled capped sleeves and a bow on the front. The ribbon in the pic below looks black but it is red and the bow has long gone.

Zoeis Dresses Vicki made her (10) (Medium)

There is little apple buttons on the back….

Zoeis Dresses Vicki made her (11) (Medium)

She had pretty red ribbons in her hair and red sandals to match. She won the best dressed competition that was running at an event in the town we lived in way back then. Plus she won the competition of the Beautiful 2 year olds. I was so proud of my little girl *big grin* I am still proud of her today *more grins*

Another dress with smocking was made by my auntie and she is also my Godmother. She used to sew professionally many years ago and didn't need a pattern….just cut the fabric out and away she went…so clever!! She does that with knitting too.

Zoei in dress Auntie Nellie made her

Zoei was about 2 1/2 years old there

Close up of the dress…..

Zoeis Dress Auntie Nellie made her (2)

Zoeis Dresses Auntie Nellie made her (5) (Medium)

Zoei doesn't wear many dresses today…..I wonder if she is like her Mum and loves wearing jeans, pants, track pants or shorts the most. Now and again I will wear a dress or skirt….but only on very special occasions.

What’s your favourite thing you like to wear?

Have a great weekend and

Hugs to all…….


8 lovely people said....:

Fiona said...

Those are so cute... it is lovely to see young mums are now back into wanting to make childrens clothes again.... and with embroidery etc....

Tarnyia said...

How cute is she... and those little buttons... I too have clothes saved that my kids wore and will hand down to them when they start their own families xxx

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Beautiful little dresses, Vicki- and the teddies also.:) I never got around to trying any smocking- put it in the too hard basket and its still there-lol.
DD1 has kept all of the jumpers and such that I made for the DGKD's when they were small, hopefully when DGS becomes a dad she will send them over to the U.S.- no baby on the way yet though. ;(

Dawn said...

Wow Vicki they are special to still have them...I must make my gitrls some dresses...they love them and I have a pleater to smock them, just need lots of patience and time...maybe a lesson or too..he he
Hugs Dawn x x x

Allie said...

How adorable!!! I'm not surprised she won the contest, and the dress too - what a doll! I love to see little girls dressed like little girls. But now that I'm not a little girl anymore, lol, give me something comfy - I really don't care WHAT I look like as long as I'm comfy!

quilterliz said...

G'day. Those dressers are so cute. Love the smocking. I'm a jeans girl, would be lost without them. Though have been known to be daring at times and wear a dress. Take care. Liz...

Miss Nancy said...

Just as sweet as can be! Perfect! Love the smocking. Thank you for sharing!

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

teresa said...

The dresses are just beautiful Vicki! Congratulations to you and Zoe for your wins with the pin tucked dress. Such a lovely post. I'm a jeans girl... especially in winter... wear them every day. It is nice to dress up occasionally in a dress though! Not that I have any he he!!! xx