Friday, 22 July 2011

Watching movies.

My DH and I want to go to the cinemas to watch the latest Harry Potter movie that's out now. We have watched them all up until the last two

51l33tJgmQL__SL500_AA300_           harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-1-dvd

so yesterday we had to go and buy these from the local store that sells DVD’s and such. We got home and about an hour later we got a text message on my DH’s mobile saying to ring the bank immediately!!

So he did and blow me down some low life had booked up just over $1600 worth of things on his credit card!!!

The bank didn't know where they got access of his number from and so they immediately stopped these payments and his card had to be cancelled and a new one with a different number on it has to be sent out now. Blimey!!! Thank goodness the bank checks things out like that. It was a scary thing and I just can’t believe that people are so low to do things like that.

Anyway we ended up watching both movies and we are now ready to go and watch the latest one at the cinemas. We thought we would watch it in 3D.


I have been watching my finger go a bit crazy…ever since I broke my wrist nearly 2 yrs ago, it started to turn outwards.

DPP_0003 (Small)

Most strange and if I bump it the pain is unbearable. Of course I am right handed and so far its not hindering my sewing but to do fine things its a bit difficult.

I can see I am going to have to end up going to the doctors and seeing what can be done about it as 2 fingers on my other hand are doing the same, I am pretty sure it’s arthritis in it. The knuckle is swollen heaps too and can be so painful. I have a 94 year old auntie who has arthritis in her hips and lower back and she can hardly walk. It’s a horrid thing. I am off to visit her this morning to do her hair for her and her grocery shopping and of course


have a cup of tea with her after I have done the shopping.

Hugs to all………


21 lovely people said....:

Jeanette said...

You poor thing Vicki. The finger looks painful. Maybe you are getting osteo. I have it in my fingers & they are turning like yours. That's terrible about you hubby's credit card. So glad that the bank is on the ball about it. Have fun watching Harry Potter. Hugs,

Marilyn said...

It is a scary feeling knowing someone has used your card isnt it. The bank did well to find and put a stop to it quickly.
Hope your finger(s) dont hinder you too much - does it get achy when you are sewing?
Enjoy Harry Potter.

Penny said...

Ouch..that finger does look painful. I'm sure the doc can help you. Take care.

Allie said...

So so glad the bank caught that! I wonder if some low life swiped his card at the video store. They can take a pic of it with a phone camera, or use a special machine sitting right next to the legitimate one and swipe it twice.

Your finger does look painful, hon. My friend Shirley's fingers look like that too, she says thank goodness it was only painful for about a year [per finger] and now, although they look crooked and swollen, they don't actually hurt. Have to wonder if stitchers are prone to this....I hope you get it looked at hon.

Jo in TAS said...

Aarrgh that looks painful!

Fiona said...

The banks are good picking up unusual creit card behaviour these days thankfully. That finger looks dreadful Vicki - Get to the doctor quick smart - Please ! Hugs - Fee XX

Gari said...

We went to the last HP Sunday and saw it at iMax 3D. It was great!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh my goodness Vicki, your finger looks so painful and uncomfortable. Hope you can get some help with it.

Doris said...

I'm sure your finger will be arthritis. I have the same in a couple of fingers and my thumb.
I recently had the same call from the bank and now have a new card!
Enjoy the movie, we saw it on Monday and loved it. It's sad that it's the end of such a long saga(but I won't tell you what happens!!)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh Hon, that's a horrid thing to happen. I hope you are not made to pay that $1600?
Vic, take care of your hands...that looks very painful. {{{hugs}}}

Sylvia said...

Inderdaad flink balen als ze zoiets doen. Gelukkig heeft de bank ingegrepen.
Ik hoop dat je de film leuk vond. Ik denk dat ik ook naar de bioscoop ga om het laatste deel te kijken.
En je vinger, dat lijkt me heel pijnlijk. Heel veel sterkte ermee.
Liefs Sylvia

Dawn said...

Yeah now to watch the Final one...such a good movie hey?... your poor finger..Now Dr Dawn here and I am saying please do go and get sometihing done about looks so sore and painful... and if you get it early maybe you can stop the distortion from getting worse...have you had a Thyroid check lately cos that can cause some kinds of Arthritis and it can be rectified I think
Hugs Dawn x x x

Mommarock said...

Oh my your finger hurts me just to look at it. My grandmother had fingers tho that looked just like that.. I can't imagine that it would be comfortable.. OUCH! And the credit card.. cudos to your bank for catching it and calling you right away and taking care of it.. some lowlifes!! TERRIBLE! I have my cards in a metal like wallet that is supposed to protect them from being scanned by people who are out there stealing information. They can get your card # from standing right next to you in the store holding a card scanner in a purse or tote. It is terrible!

LynCC said...

Thank goodness for banks that keep track, eh? I love it when they call me about suspicious circumstances.

Yeah, those poor fingers need a visit with the doctor so you can start anything that might be helpful. :(

My girls and I just went to HP2 at the cinema again yesterday. It was even better the second time around. Glad we did it!

Karen's Korner said...

Look after that hand Vicki.

simplestitches said...

OH boy...your finger looks very to the doctors with you thank you!

I had my bank ring me once about an unusual thing with my credit had been usued in Melbourne and in American within about an hour of each transaction...happily it was me doing it, but I'm glad the bank rang to's very scary how easily someone can get your info! Horrid scammers!

Hope you enjoy HP.

Margarita said...

Vicki, gosh your finger looks painful, I agree go to the doctor. And the credit card business, wow, some people!? Hugs

Liz said...

OOHH Vicki-sorry about your credit card but you were lucky you had a good bank.
Your fingers look like mine. They go every way but straight. Will be interested to hear what your Doc says.

Joy said...

I think you need to get that finger to the doctor quick smart!!! Goodness that looks painful, you poor thing ... sending big hugs :o)!!!!
We need to see the first Deathly Hallows HP movie, then we can go to the new one too ... we've loved every one of them!!
Take care ... and get to the Dr ;o)!!!
Love n hugs,
Ethel xxxxxxxx

Maree: said...

Sorry to see your Finger going that way Vicki I know stitching doesn't help but what else do we do hey...
I know they can straighten the fingers now which might be worth you looking into before they get any worse...
Hope it's not too Painful..I take Fish Oil for mine it does help.
take care

Linda said...

We went to see Harry Potter today...loved it! Your finger reminds me of my sister's...I hope you can find out what's wrong.