Sunday, 10 July 2011

More blocks for quilt-along and a splurge!

I have done the border blocks for Kellys of Charming Chatter quilt-along The Simple Things and it took a while to trim them back to the 3 1/2inches square but will be worth it.

Border blocks (1) (Small)

This coming week Kelly is going to show us how to put the quilt together…wooo hoooo…

Border blocks (2) (Small)

I am so loving this quilt and its the first time I have used all white background. So you know who won’t be allowed near it don’t you?

Yes this little madam!

Bella....just so cute (2) (Small)

She has had a bath now and is lovely and white…she didn’t mind the bath and blow dry either lol.

She lies on the little pink rug especially for her and at times she even totally chills out….

Bella asleep (2) (Small)

Just had to show you that pic! Not a care in the world!! 


I went out and had a bit of a splurge the other day.

10185685_0 (FullImage)

I saw this advertised in one of the big stores on special and decided that because I have never had a decent food mixer and only ever little hand held beaters that it was time I indulged. I am really happy with it as eventually I can get the attachments for it to replace the items in my kitchen and this will make room in my cupboards and free up bench space. Gotta love that!! The attachments that came with it were the different beaters and a splash guard and also a mincer for meat and vegies. I also can replace the kitchen whizz later on and the bread maker as a dough hook came with it. Plus I want to get a juicer and a blender and and and………

I am delighted also with this as now I can make a decent Pavlova!!! Dawn has a great recipe on her blog and I wasn't able to make it before as I only had a hand held whisk and there was no way I was going to whisk the egg whites by hand. So once I go shopping for more eggs guess what I am going to make? hehehe. I know Mr T will be thrilled as he loves Pavlovas.

Hope you all are having a great weekend

hugs to all…..


13 lovely people said....:

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Love the pictures of Bella. Vicki! :)
I meant to say to you yesterday, that the slippers on "The things we love block" you designed look like your new little girl!!! You must be psychic-hehe.:)

LynCC said...

Awwwww She's so terribly adorable!

Liz said...

So envious of your mixer. Bella is so cute. The blocks are looking great

Roseanne said...

Bella look so cute chilling out on her blanket. Hope to see your quilt finished off.

Allie said...

Your blocks look great - yep, totally worth the time to square them up. Bella is ADORABLE! Love that picture of her belly-up!

Good for you on splurging, I've never had a decent mixer but someday. I hope Mr. T enjoys his pavlova!

Dawn said...

Love that silver looks a dream and wow what you'll be cooking up...yummo..I'm coming to your place for afternoon tea.. he he
Hugs Dawn x x

Barb said...

Love your new splurge.....I dont think I have ever seen one of those.....

Sew Useful Designs said...

Oh Vicki - I am in love with Bella! HOW cute?!!!! Pets really do bring you so much love and joy don't they?!!

Love your splurge too!!! This machine sounds amazing! Just need to get it to do the washing up now and you're sorted!! LOL

Loving your blocks sweetie! I can see there will be a purchase of Napisan in your future! LOL

Love and hugs! Vikki xoxox :-)

Doris said...

Oh Vicki she is just the cutest!!
And I love the new silver whizz-bang thingy!! I think I must look into getting one of them myself. I use the old hand-mixer too! I did just get my new coffee machine so may for Christmas!!

Margarita said...

That is a real chill out photo Vicki, love it

Ondrea said...

Awe, Bella is sooo cute.

That quilt is going to look gorgeous. Love the colours.

Anonymous said...

Love visiting your blog but just have to say what a gorgeous doogie and your new mixer will last you an eternity because mine is 17 years old and my sister in law has had hers about 25 years and still going strong. Worth all that money LOL

Madame Samm said...

your wee madame, had me with his look, and then when I saw the next shot..oh well..I smiled...gosh she is cute.. blocks just as cute