Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hexies and more hexies.

Here are lots of hexagons that I have been sewing up. I am loving sewing these and I am also in a swap on the craft forum where we swap a completed hexie flower each month with different ones in their colour choice of course.
I have a bag with cut out shapes waiting to be sewn up that I grab on the way out of the door when I know I am going to be sitting for a while…like at the doctors or so.
These are the ones I have received from the swap….love them!
Hexies up to April 2011 (5)
More yumminess ….. I have been busy *grin*
Hexies up to April 2011 (6)
I have started to put them together to start on the quilt from Leanne Beasley’s that she has in the Vignette magazine.
Hexies up to April 2011 (4)
Its amazing how many of the 1” Hexagon papers you go thru doing them and I am using up all my scraps of fabrics too.
I also sit at night times and sew these together while I am watching the telly. Not much on it lately tho.
Oh well….back to the pattern writing. Nearly done.
hugs to all……Vicki (2) 3112230500_a41ecb5a56_m

9 lovely people said....:

Melody said...

Beautiful work. Your hexie flower garden is growing beautifully.

Maree: said...

Lots of Gorgeous Hexies bound for a Beautiful Quilt...

Karen's Korner said...

Your hexies are coming along nicely.

Penny said...

I love hexies! I've been seeing lots in blogland lately !

Jeanette said...

Gorgeous hexies Vicki. your quilt will be very lovely. Hugs,

Barb said...

That is alot of hexies....and will be so wonderful when you put them all together.

Mommarock said...

They are so addicting! I am currently making 1 1/2" hexies.. and I'm getting SO close to finishing my top.. SOOOOO close.. I'm making mine into rows now, and planning out my quilting. In addition, I am planning my next hexie quilt. It is so fun. I was thinking I wanted to plan out hexies with applique bugs in the centers.. ladybugs on muslin.. I think they would be CUTE!!!!!!

Maria said...

You have a lovely collection of hexies.I have also caught the hexie bug and joined The Vignette Hexie group.

Allie said...

Beautiful, Vicki! I've resisted the call of the hexies but I sure enjoy looking at yours!