Saturday, 30 April 2011

A couple of new patterns

Just thought I would show two of my designs that have been published.

I will have these available from my store as patterns very soon for those who don't get these magazines that they are published in.

The first one is Daisy Buds. I did this with waffle fabrics and love how it turned out.

Fabulous lap quilt and lots of easy instructions and diagrams. I like to have diagrams to explain the process as I think it makes it just that bit easier to understand the patterns.

Daisy Buds (2)

This one was fun with piecing and applique and I machine appliqued the flowers on to the quilt.

Issue 11 No. 12

Daisy Buds

This one I had such fun sewing and creating as it has stitchery, applique and piecing…Plus Prairie Points. Loved it! and looks great on a coffee table.

This one I called Peppermint Creams…cause of the cream and green fabrics. Would look great in pinks…

Peppermint Creams (2)

Issue 12 No. 1

Peppermint Creams


I am still writing up the pattern for my new design I showed you sneak peeks of a couple of weeks ago here. I am so slack with it….I will get it done very soon….Promise!

I really am crazy as its so super and I can’t wait to show you all….*Come on Vicki….pull your finger out!!!!*


Did you enjoy watching the Wedding yesterday? I loved watching it and Kate was so beautiful and William was very handsome. I am sure Di would have been very very proud of her son. How did I know Kate was going to have lace on her wedding dress??? Mmmm…it was beautiful. Loved it all.

Hugs To all……Vicki Butterfly JPG - Copy


14 lovely people said....:

Maree: said...

Love your New Designs Vicki..looking forward to seeing them in Paper Form..

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great new designs - especially the Peppermint Creme!

BubzRugz said...

Hi Vicki... lovely new designs... great to see them published... Thanks for your comment on my hexies on Sew It's Finished... they were such fun to do.... I also watched the wedding... was on at such a convenient time for us...

Joy said...

Love both your designs Vicki, they're beautiful. I must say though, your "Peppermint Cream" is simply gawjus!!!! Love it!!!
Love n hugs,
Ethel xxxxx

Allie said...

Vicki I LOVE your new designs!!! I'll have to see if our local bookseller has those magazines, sometimes they get them in. Too beautiful!

creativedawn said...

Your new designs are gorgeous, Vicki and the mags might be available in my area. Okay, about that new design, I spied Christmas gifts under a tree...hurry...Christmas will soon be here, lol!


Susan said...

Loved the wedding all tht glamour! and love your peppermint stitches - another reason to buy another magazine!

Susan said...

ooops - sorry Peppermint Cream - there is a shopmin Brisbane called Peppermint Stitches - it just rolled off my fingers so to speak! Still Love it though.

Ozjane said...

I was lying in bed last night and enjoying this may well be the first one I make from a magazine.
Tis lovely.

Doris said...

They are both fantastic Vicki, but I really like the peppermint creams one, you've done a lovely job!

Lucky-1 said...

I love both of those and I have the patterns. I am thinking of using the second one as a centre piece in a runner for my step mum.

sunny said...

Ooh, I'm in love with Daisy Buds! Can't wait to get my hands on the pattern.

Madame Samm said...

BTW your designs are very very the cremes well to tell you the truth I like them both equally lol

Tarnyia said...

Fantastic new designs and love that you have them published xxx