Saturday, 2 January 2010

Tutorial for Needle Turn

This is how I do Needle Turn. I am not saying its the right way or the wrong way but it works for me and I get results that I am happy with.

You may be able to refine this method and improve on it but my main objective is to show you basically how its done.

First of all you need to get a good Glue.


I have used the wide stick ones and would get into a big mess and then I discovered this one with a pen like end which is great for applying the glue to the fabric. Make sure its for fabric as well as paper etc. The white part at the top is the pen like end.

Also you might find a stylus handy as it is good to use to push the fabric back.


I have discovered Floraini Stitch & Wash Fusible which irons onto the fabric.

Here is a couple of websites that you can source it out.

For places in Australia look here and for everywhere else look here I bought a whole roll and after using it I am pretty sure I will use the whole roll eventually. I got a 12" x 25 yard roll.


Trace the shapes onto the Floriani Stitch & Wash Fusible and cut out on the traced lines.


I find it best to number each shape and also number the shapes on the pattern sheet.


Iron the cut out shapes onto the wrong side of the fabric. Cut these out with about a 1/4 inch seam.


Place the glue around the edge onto the fabric. Turn the point back.


Then starting at this point fold over the edge on either side.


Using the stylus and holding down with your finger fold over all the way around the shape.


Leave to dry and place onto the background fabric where the drawn design is.

With threaded needle (knotted at the end) and starting from behind the fabric, bring the needle up at just past the point of the shape.


I am using dark thread so that it shows up for you to see. But normally you would use thread to match the shape you are sewing onto the background fabric. So I would have used a light purple colour.

Position the shape right next to the thread so that it is sitting just over the thread.

Push the needle under the shape and bring it up thru to just under the very edge about an 1/8th of an inch away from the point of bringing the thread up thru.


Pull the thread thru and push the needle into the background fabric under the edge so that it is not visible.


Do this all the way around the shape until you get back to the point.


Make sure you pull the thread tight after each time you bring it thru so that it is not loose, but not too tight either.


With the last stitch just before the point bring it up thru the shapes point and just under the point. As above picture.


Push the needle down under the point and take it thru the background fabric and making sure that the stitch is firm. Turn your work over and finish off the end securely. Lightly iron the shape and it should look like this.


The Floriani Stitch & Wash Fusible dissolves when the project is washed so no need to cut the back and pull it out. This is why it’s important not to get too much glue on it either as it will dissolve before you get to fold the fabric back onto it.


You can see here how it looks so lovely and is really quite easy.

Have a go and by sewing just under the edges it hides the stitches.

Have fun and hugs to all…..Vicki


  1. Great clear instructions , many thanks Vickie !

  2. Hey thanks Vicki...this is how I do it too.. Giggle glad to see someone else does it this way
    Luv the stylus idea too thanks.
    Robyn xx

    PS they are great instructions!
    Thanks :D

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, it was very helpful and means I can start your great BOM asap. :)

  4. Excelente, muchas gracias por este tutorial, me viene muy bien ahora que he comenzado varios proyectos de aplicacion, se que con estas instrucciones las cosas se me haran más faciles , rapidas y quedaran mejores mis trabajos.
    Un saludo afectuoso.
    Odette desde Chile.

  5. What a great tutorial, Vicki! I'll have to try to find some of this fusible. Your stitching is so lovely!

  6. Vicki, thanks for the great tutorial...your work is always so beautiful and your stitches are so small.

  7. Hi Vicki,
    Wow, thanks for that great tutorial. No wonder it looks so good.
    Now I know how to do Needle Turn, can you send along some patience for me to attempt this? lol
    Ah, such a clever lady you are!

  8. Great tute! Very easy to understand and good pictures. Thanks!

  9. thank you for the lovely tutorial, i did not know of these products before hand and i am just starting out no hand stitchery of all kinds. Simply lovely.

  10. Your BOM is very nice. I do stitch that way, but the fusible that you use, must be heavenly. Do you know the producer, so perhaps we can have it here in Norway to. See you next month too...

  11. Terrific tutorial, Vicki. Clear and precise! Thanks.

  12. Great tutorial Vicki Easy to see and it looks like a nice finish

  13. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I always have trouble with needlepoint.

  14. Thank you sweetie! I'm going to give it a go! :-)

    BTW, you have beautiful nails darling!!!!

    Loves ya!!!
    Vikki xoxo

  15. Fantastic tutorial, thanks for sharing, now I can finish a BOM I have with needleturn in it... Hugs Dawn x x x

  16. Hi Vicki, great work on the tutorial!
    excellent photos that make it so much easier to follow :-) and I'm with Vikki, your nails looks just perfick!
    love cheryl xx

  17. Thanks for the tute. I need to find some of that interfacing. I have heard of it, but haven't seen it around here. I sound like the stuff to use. I hate cutting into the backing and taking out the paper. This block is so cheerful. It is winter here and this will be so much fun to do. Spring is coming---in 3 months. lol THanks again for the BOM.

  18. Thats a great tutorial, Vicki, thank you. I really want to have a go at this now. You're a very clever lady.
    PS ... I noticed your lovely nails, too.

  19. Vicki thanks for this tutorial it has helped me understand how to do needle turn properly without showing the stitches. i am about to start a quilt using this method so it has come at the right time.

  20. Thanks Vicki, I didn't know about folding in the point first so now I'll have to find the needlepoint block I started and give it another go.

  21. p.s. just discovered blogger works for me in IE but not firefox ??

  22. Hi Vicki,
    This is the best Needle Turn
    tutorial ever !!!
    I just started with this technique, and I tried several tutorials, but couldn't get it right. I had given it up thinking that Needle Turn is to fussy, but your tut gave me new hope. I will certainly try it this way.