Monday, 4 January 2010

Floriani Stitch N Wsh Fusible for Needle Turn

I should get a good commission for this heheheh...but this is what I use now always when doing Needle Turn.
Floriani Stitch N Wash Fusible
It makes Needle Turn so easy and as it dissolves in water its great that you dont have to cut the back of your work to take out the paper.

Love it.

I have had quite a few wanting to know where to get it from and so here you go.

You can source it here if you are in Australia and for all others try here.
Have fun with it and I look forward to hearing how you all love Needle Turn after using it.
hugs to all ........Vicki

5 lovely people said....:

Allie said...

Thanks Vicki! I may stick with fusible web for this one though - my preferred method. Not sure what I'll do yet, I'm trying to discipline myself to finish the quilt on my design wall before starting ANYTHING.

Jeannette said...

This is a great product I have started to use it as well. It is quite hard to find in New Zealand if any readers need some contact me and I can let them know where to find it.

Julia said...

Thanks Vicki, I'll get some, I'd love to try it!
Julia ♥

By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Vicki, what a great idea. Here in New Zealand Floriani products are VERY expensive which is unfortunate. For Jeannetee, there is a place in Te Puke that sells it. I did once but my ladies refused to pay such a hich price. These days I use freezer paper and an iron, using the wax as the glue when the fabric is ironed on to it.
keep up the great hints

Slick Cutz said...

I've just discovered your post about the Stitch N Wash Fusible. I have a question. On Floriani's website, they say that it is a combination of soluble and non-soluble fibers so some fibers will stay under the applique pieces. Have you found that these are noticeable in the finished product?

I'm thinking of trying this product on a bed quilt to avoid the stiffness of fusible web. I just hope these undissolved fibers wouldn't "wad up" under the applique after a number of washes. What do you think?