Saturday, 30 April 2011

A couple of new patterns

Just thought I would show two of my designs that have been published.

I will have these available from my store as patterns very soon for those who don't get these magazines that they are published in.

The first one is Daisy Buds. I did this with waffle fabrics and love how it turned out.

Fabulous lap quilt and lots of easy instructions and diagrams. I like to have diagrams to explain the process as I think it makes it just that bit easier to understand the patterns.

Daisy Buds (2)

This one was fun with piecing and applique and I machine appliqued the flowers on to the quilt.

Issue 11 No. 12

Daisy Buds

This one I had such fun sewing and creating as it has stitchery, applique and piecing…Plus Prairie Points. Loved it! and looks great on a coffee table.

This one I called Peppermint Creams…cause of the cream and green fabrics. Would look great in pinks…

Peppermint Creams (2)

Issue 12 No. 1

Peppermint Creams


I am still writing up the pattern for my new design I showed you sneak peeks of a couple of weeks ago here. I am so slack with it….I will get it done very soon….Promise!

I really am crazy as its so super and I can’t wait to show you all….*Come on Vicki….pull your finger out!!!!*


Did you enjoy watching the Wedding yesterday? I loved watching it and Kate was so beautiful and William was very handsome. I am sure Di would have been very very proud of her son. How did I know Kate was going to have lace on her wedding dress??? Mmmm…it was beautiful. Loved it all.

Hugs To all……Vicki Butterfly JPG - Copy


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hexies and more hexies.

Here are lots of hexagons that I have been sewing up. I am loving sewing these and I am also in a swap on the craft forum where we swap a completed hexie flower each month with different ones in their colour choice of course.
I have a bag with cut out shapes waiting to be sewn up that I grab on the way out of the door when I know I am going to be sitting for a while…like at the doctors or so.
These are the ones I have received from the swap….love them!
Hexies up to April 2011 (5)
More yumminess ….. I have been busy *grin*
Hexies up to April 2011 (6)
I have started to put them together to start on the quilt from Leanne Beasley’s that she has in the Vignette magazine.
Hexies up to April 2011 (4)
Its amazing how many of the 1” Hexagon papers you go thru doing them and I am using up all my scraps of fabrics too.
I also sit at night times and sew these together while I am watching the telly. Not much on it lately tho.
Oh well….back to the pattern writing. Nearly done.
hugs to all……Vicki (2) 3112230500_a41ecb5a56_m

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter and The Things We Love BOM Block from me.

How is your Easter going?

I hope you travel safe and have a fabulous time no matter where you are and what you are doing.

I am staying home and catching up on some sewing.

Decided to not go anywhere as the only place I would have liked to have gone to was to be with my kids and they are in WA so no chance of popping over to be with them.

I think spending time with your kids for Easter is important as its a special time to reflect on the true meaning of what Easter is all about.


Plus the little ones love the yummy chocolate Easter eggs


the Easter Bunny brings for them. The big ones love them too *grin*



I promised to give you all my little free block for the ‘Things We Love BOM’  from us ‘Nutters’.

I love coffee and especially when its a flat white or an all milk coffee.

I Love Coffee1 (Medium)

In my block I coloured it in using Prismacolor Pencils and then outlined it with running stitch using Cottage Garden Threads. and French Knots on the little mat.

You can download it from HERE.

Fee had fun sewing it and here is her fabulous version of it with applique and stitchery.

I love coffee 

Jenny had fun sewing it too and she did hers with applique and stitchery.


It always amazes me how everyone's turns out different.


I am going to try to work out what is wrong with the tension on my machine today as I almost finished quilting my new design I gave you all a sneak peek of last time here

It is looking really lovely and I can’t wait to show you all.

Anyway……as I turned it over to look at the back, the tension was totally unacceptable. AAArrrgggggHHHhh!!!

Not impressed with it at all……so out it all came!!

I think what the problem might be is, I put different thread in the bobbin to what I normally do machine quilting with and I am sure that is why it didn’t turn out for the party and play nicely. Grrrrr!!! Not Happy Jan!!!

I hope you all have fun sewing the block from ‘The Things We Love BoM’ and I look forward to seeing all of yours, so don’t forget to show me.

I will do another one soon…..I promise, because we all did say we would do two blocks and a promise is a promise. 

Happy Easter and hugs to all……..VickiimagesCA4GTMSH

Monday, 18 April 2011

New design happening

I am loving my new design that is taking shape.
It’s mostly about Christmas and do you want to have a sneak peek?
New  (4)
A gorgeous little edging around the centre panel and then a lovely border to put these darling little hexagon flowers around.
There will be several different colour combinations of hexie flowers. These ones are 1/2inch hexies.
Sooo cute!!
I really am enjoying sewing these up after doing the 1 inch hexies for a while now. As you can see….there are lots of them to love *smile*
New  (2)
Won’t be long now and it will be finished and I can show it completed to you all. There is going to be more borders with other lovely delicacies on them too.
hugs to all…….Vicki

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Block 2 and another Show and Tell

I am very proud to show everyone Tonny’s version of Flirting With Flowers. Isn’t it lovely?
Fotos Tonny 003
I love how she has done the zigzag and decorated her borders around the appliqued blocks. Well done Tonny!
Several of you have emailed me and asked for the patterns of this BOM and I will put up a link today so that you can easily purchase them.
Like the On My Heart BOM patterns.
Thanks everyone for enjoying these BOMs. It warms my heart knowing that they are liked.
Today is time for Block No. 2 of my Ooh La La Shoes BOM.
Block 2 a (Medium)
I hope you are all enjoying sewing this one and the patterns can be obtained from The Pickledish Patch store and also available from Maree’s shop.
The patterns are available in paper patterns.
Have you seen these cute little handmade wooden delights that are available in my store? There are Needle Holders, Quick Un-picks, Tape Measures and the too cute Pin Heads.
These are handmade in Victoria from recycled Red Gum fence posts and look fabulous put on show in your sewing room. Each one is unique so no two are the same.
Prices start at $16.50.
Last days for the “Off The Bolt " Fabric sale.
Grab a metre or two of these gorgeous fabrics while they are at a reduced price of $12.95 per metre.
Sale ends Sunday 17th April.
Thanks everyone for your well wishes with me making the decision to leave the Among the Gum Trees.
I appreciate all your comments.
Hugs to all…..Vicki

Sunday, 10 April 2011

New Fabric has arrived!



Summer Breeze Charm packs

Range By Sentimental Studios for Moda Fabrics.

Only $14.50 each.

There are several other range of Charm packs available too at

The Pickledish Patch.

Hugs to all……Vicki


Sale Ending SUNDAY 17th April 2011


15% Off Sale on these

Selected Off the Bolt Fabrics.




The Pickledish Patch

WHEN? ....

STARTS SATURDAY 9th April until SUNDAY 17th April 2011 (EST)

That makes them $12.75 per metre!!

So be quick because once these fabrics are gone they are gone for good.
Pop in and have a look and stock up on fabrics
for your quilts and all sewing projects.
I hope there is a bargain for you and thank you for your support.

Hugs to all……..Vicki

Monday, 4 April 2011

Oh I love this!

I love seeing what others do with my patterns and Tarnyia has blown me away with her version of my Flirting With Flowers BOM. Wow! When I first saw it on her blog I was totally gobsmacked! Its beautiful Tarnyia and I love it with out borders. Here it is for you all to see too.
Of course I fell in love with the colours too. It’s fabulous Tarnyia. It makes me want to sew it up like this too.
Have you had a look at my new store The Pickledish Patch?
There are some lovely

Moda Fabrics Off The Bolt

like these…

and these……..
which are all $19.00 per metre.
A while ago you all got excited about these little
and now I am excited because I have these in stock and they are starting to walk out the door or should I say fly out the door *grin*. At just $4.95 you would have to buy one for a special treat for your friend.
Of course there are Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs and lots of yummy fabrics as well.
You can see also that there are some fabulous pattern packets from our lovely Australian designers.
So hop on over and have a look around…of course you will need a cuppa as there is a lot to see.
If you live in Australia or on the other side of the world, if you find something you just have to have in the store I’ll be more than happy to pack it up and post it your way. You can pay in your own currency….now that’s gotta be a good thing right? *grin*.
*Important notice for overseas buyers*
Overseas prices are minus GST which means you get it for 10% off the price.
hugs to all…….Vicki

Friday, 1 April 2011

Block 4 of Out Of The Box BOM

Hi everyone *big smiles* I hope you all are having fun with my Out Of The Box BOM. Are you mixing it all up and doing your own thing and doing one or two from mine and mixing them with Dawn’s or are you keeping each block the same as Dawn’s and mine are? It doesn't matter how you do them, just as long as you are having fun and remember……they are your blocks, so you do them how you want them to be.

Well without further ado here is my block 4. I hope you like it as I enjoyed sewing it up and fixing the embellishments to it.

4 Blocks Four

Do you like the cups and the flower button is one I have had for some time now and it was just perfect to go on here with the little flowers. Of course you can stitch something else there or put your own buttons and embellishments. Don’t forget to upload them into Flickr.

Just click HERE and you can download the pdf.

On the 4Shared site - Click on the DOWNLOAD button on the left…..NOT the one that is on the right.

Hugs to all……….Vicki