Thursday, 6 May 2010

Electric Quilt Company EQ7

I am really excited now as I just have to tell you about Kelly from I Have A Notion has EQ7 at a really really fabulous price!

Electric Quilt Company EQ 7 Pre-Order

$130.00……..Save 59.95



Electric Quilt Company EQ 7 Upgrade


$49.95………Save 40.00


I pre-ordered an upgrade from Kelly when it first came out at a higher price and then found it was so much cheaper elsewhere, so I informed Kelly of this and she refunded me the difference and has even come under the prices of the other places. So how is that for one terrific lady?

Thanks Kelly and I can’t wait to get my upgrade from you and will be going thru your I Have A Notion webpage to buy other things too.

If you have been wanting EQ 7 then now is the time to get it as I don't think these prices are going to be repeated or stay at this price for long, so pop on over to I Have A Notion and grab it quick.

It is an awesome program and very easy to use ….I love it!


When I feel like giving my fingers a rest from sewing, I pick up Jennifer Chiaverini’s newest book….The Aloha Quilt and read a few pages.


I am about a quarter of the way thru and so far its as good as the other books of Jennifer’s. I have read and loved all her books.


Hugs to all……..Vicki


14 lovely people said....:

Jeanette said...

Hi Vicki,
have pre-ordered EQ7 upgrade today also. Can't wait until it arrives. Read Aloha Quilt to & really enjoyed it. Hugs, Jeanette

Anonymous said...

I read the Aloha Quilt on the long weekend and couldn't put it down!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the tip on EQ7, I am popping over to check it out right now!

Ozjane said...

That is a better deal than mine....will teach me to jump too quickly.

Ozjane said...

That is a better deal than mine....will teach me to jump too quickly.

Joy said...

Great prices ... thanks Vicki!!! Would that EQ7 upgrade an EQ5 do you know? Cos that's the one I have. At those prices it's certainly tempting ;o)! I need to start using it more lol!!
I just got "Aloha Quilt" out of the library ... looking forward to starting it :o)!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
I can feel your excitement but i'm not really sure what this EQC is all about. I know, I probably sound quite silly-maybe I need to get out more.
Looking forward to seeing what its all about.
Happy Mothers Day.

Julia said...

Hi Vicki...I got an email from the Eq poeple to preorder the upgrade at $58.00...which i did!
I'm going to have to check it out...thank for the tip.
Julia ♥

sandra said...

the EQ7 is cheaper than I expected. Don't think I want one at this stage though.
I am off to order the new book of Jennifers at the library. I have read and enjoyed all her others.

Allie said...

I finished that book the other night - read it in one sitting, lol - and oh I loved it, wouldn't you love to go to Elm Creek Quilt Camp???

Susan said...

Vicki - thanks for the info on the EQ - but how cna you read only a few pages at a time??

Betweens said...

Tozz thanks so much for the heads up I have just purchased EQ7 wasn't going to but with that price you can't go wrong.. I have now spread the word just like you!! what a wonderful person to keep so many quilters happy

Karen's Korner said...

I am looking forward to seeing what lovely projects you come up with with your new EQ7. Enjoy.

Micki said...

I will be preordering from I Have a Notion too...It really is a great price. I can't wait for EQ7 to arrive.