Saturday, 10 August 2013

Where has the time gone?

I am amazed at how long it is since I last blogged …… over a month!! Gosh!!

I won’t make any promises and say I will blog more because I really don’t like breaking promises.

So I will just say that I hope to blog more often than what I am now.

I haven’t even done my usual blog hop lately.

I just feel I need to sit and hand sew and not look at a screen. Is that so bad?


Well …. since I last blogged I have been over to WA to visit my son and his wife to help with looking

after their darling son while they had their second child. They had a boy and he is beautiful!!

He doesn’t cry and all he does is sleep and eat and sleep and eat. A truly gorgeous baby!!

He was born on the 2nd of July and they named him Sebastian Ollie and all went well with the birth and his

big brother Jasper loves him to bits. He wants to kiss him all the time .. so cute!!

I can’t show you any pics as my son and his wife are against showing on the net.


While I was there I also was able to give lots of cuddles to my daughters gorgeous 2 boys and her darling little girl.

Gosh my grandkids are all gorgeous!! Loved cuddling them all. Loved cuddles from my gorgeous kids too.

Regan Vicki Sophie Bailey



Since I have been back, I have been doing quite a bit of hand sewing and this has enabled my rear end to enlarge!!

Oh dear!! I must get enthused about walking again.

But I have enjoyed the sewing.

  Vicki block (1)  Vicki block (2)  Vicki block (3)

I have sewn all these and several other blocks together to make a large table runner and its now

waiting for me to put batting and back it and then quilt it.

vickis blocks tog

Another project I have completed is a new design …. this one has a few different methods in it and I will be

able to show you soon. But here is a sneak peek. This is a Table Topper and a nice size one too.

vicki new


Take care everyone and hugs to you all….


7 lovely people said....:

Noela said...

Lovely post, it's always wonderful to spend time with our grandchildren. Congratulations on your new addition. Hugs.......

Barb said...

What fun, a new grandbaby and pending time with both. Love your projects

susan nieuwoudt said...

Congrats on another grandson. They sure are our precious treasures in life. Esp the hugs.

Just love the block that you are using I have been looking at it for a while now. Sadly I am not starting something now because I am still busy with my crazy quilt. Want to get the blocks done and move onto the next step. Must add that I save lots of ideas in my head and also on paper for future use.
One sure gets a time when you just want to have a peaceful stitching time.

Ondrea said...

Beautiful projects as always. LOvethe pic of you with your grand children. LOve yoyr hair!!!!

Wendy B said...

Do what you love best sweety......I've been slack on the bloghopping lately too.....I just want to get stuck into doing something and like you, don't want to sit in front of a screen, but I miss you all!!!! As for the expanding butt, you don't want a bony bum anyway Vicki-girl!!!! They're painful!LOL Love the grandkidlets, and love the hair!!!! NOICE!!!!!!! Cant wait to see the new table runner......exciting! xoxoxo big sugary sweet hugs mwah :O)

LynCC said...

Nothing wrong at all with wanting to sew more than sit at the computer - especially when it results in such gorgeous pieces! Congratulations on the new grandchild. :D You really can't blame parents for being over-cautious about putting children's pictures on the Internet - there are some scary creeps out there!

lora said...

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