Friday, 14 December 2012

What upsets me and what makes me happy…

Remember my post I did with the excitement of having a birds nest in my garden with two eggs in it? You can read that HERE….
Doves nest (1) (Medium)
Well they hatched…sooo excited!!
Baby DovesThey had about a week to go and they would have been taught how to fly BUT they didn't make that stage…they were eaten!!!!!
That’s all their feathers on the ground…I even found half a wing and a little heart!!! I cried for these two babies and their mum who spent the next 5 days calling them.
And I am pretty sure it was by the damn cat that comes in our yard just about everyday. I don’t know where this cat lives as I have seen it on several of the streets in our area…I wish the owners would keep it locked up like they are supposed to. Mongrel cat!!!!!! Bloody cat eating my little babies. I would prefer to see birds in my yard than no birds and someone else's cat. Don’t get me wrong..I like cats….I just hate that they have to eat our beautiful birds. *cry*
On a happier note ….
little cupboard
I found a cute little cupboard on the verge of someone’s front footpath the other day. I had to stop and put it in my car and bring it home. I love it and plan to renovate it once we get back from spending Christmas with my family in Western Australia.
I got this little ladder a while back and decided to do my own little vignette with it. I love it!
vignette (1) (Medium)  
I had to laugh at my last post as no one commented on how my new sunglasses looked on me. I got rid of the grey runway strip especially to take the photos and was so embarrassed to put them up and wished I had a model but because I got the sunnies for free, I had to put up pics of me wearing them. Next time I don't think I will accept free things like that as I am not too good looking for those sort of things.
I will stick to putting up pics of my sewing and plants and dead birds and such.
Hugs to all…

12 lovely people said....:

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Poor little birds! I am from WA State, now I live in VA with my husband and son but the rest of my family is all still there. P.S. your glasses look really nice on you!

Marilyn said...

Poor little birds. We were watching a new little family once up quite high on the beams of our patio. A
snake managed to get up there and it was goodbye baby birds.
I missed seeing your post with your spiffy sunglasses. Sounds like a good deal, and they look very cool.
You must be getting so excited about your trip to WA.
Hugs xx

Karen's Korner said...

Nature can be so cruel at times. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your find. Great idea for the ladder.

Val said...

That makes me so sad about the little birds! I love my birds too. Love your little find and the ladder!

Gale, Ky quilter said...

I had the very same thing happen with some little birds in my yard. I was so angry!

Terry said...

That's sad about the birds. We go through that every summer, but part of the problem here is our cat. He lives outdoors and unfortunately he likes birds and cut little baby bunnies too. I just tell myself that he's just doing what nature intended, whether I like it or not. Love the little cupboard you found! :0)

LynCC said...

aww, poor birdies. :) Hey, I thought the free sunglasses were cool! Just crazy over my head with school work, so not commenting as much as usual right now. ;D

Noela said...

What a sad ending to your previous post about the eggs. My cat is in at night but as he is quite old now, he spends his days sleeping under the back patio so I think the birds in our yard are quite safe. Hugs......

Maree: said...

I'd be Ticked off too Vicki...poor little things didn't stand a chance...
Looking forward to seeing your cupboard when you do it up and your ladder looks Great.

Anonymous said...

Oh stop that now! You are too attractive to model anything! Don't you think otherwise girl. Love the cupboard...I see great possibilities for it. Have a beautiful holiday.
Sandy in So. Cali

Liz said...

I know this is late-sorry about the birds. We just lost a heap of chickens to Foxes. made me feel so sad. I love what you have done with the ladder. I particularly love the little creatures at the base. Are they owls? Cut as.

Phyllis said...

Hi Vicki,

I would have cried for the baby does too. I hate that cats kill birds and bunnies. That's why I've ended up with 6 cats in my house! I keep getting outdoor cats for mouse control and can't stand them killing birds and bunnies, so I bring them in. It doesn't stop strays from coming by though.

I'm so sorry for the babies and their poor parents. They won't lay again till next year, will they?