Thursday, 8 November 2012

Long long time ago……….

I started a BOM………it was called Breast of Friends. Back in January 2009 I started it.

Read about my first block HERE.

All up there are 14 blocks……phew….who in their right mind would have 14 blocks for a BOM? lol.

But I faithfully started them and enjoyed sewing them, until I had finished number 12 block and then I just lost interest in it all.

So, I packed the blocks away and all the fabric I had picked out for it and just didn't look at it until the other day.

Block 13

So number 13 block is done!!!! Yay!!! Happy dance going on here and I am just about finished the 14th block and then it will be putting these all together. I am not sure if I will put them all together like it says in the magazine as I don't want such a big quilt so I will do smaller sashes and borders. So keep your fingers crossed that I keep on keeping on with it and get it all finished.


Then I guess I should attempt to finish A Tisket a Tasket BOM. (Another 12 block BOM!)

1st Block (Medium)   2nd Block (Medium)3rd Block (Medium)   4th Block (Medium)5th Block (Medium)    6th Block (Medium)

Not sure yet….I have been thinking about just making the 6 of the 12 blocks that I have done into a couple of table runners and say it is all done. Will see. Although looking at them now I am thinking they are lovely and to do all of them would be a good thing. Maybe I will do these at my sewing group I go to every Friday fortnight. Yep that is what I am going to do now ….thanks for helping me to make up my mind. lol.

You see …..I am just getting a bit tired of these bags filled with half done projects and I want them completed so I think I have to be very strict with myself and just get them done.

No doubt that next year there will be some new BOM’s that I will want to sew. So its a good idea to get these half finished ones out of the way first isn't it?  Of course it is!! ha ha.


Not long now until Christmas……hows your Christmas sewing going? Mine is kind of half done and slowly I am getting all my pressies sewn.

I will leave you with a few sneak peeks at upcoming patterns.


pre-views (2)pre-views (10)

Hugs to all……..



11 lovely people said....:

Shirlwin said...

It's a real achievement to come back to a BOM that had lost your attention. They both look lovely:) I wonder what will be on offer for 2013?

LynCC said...

I *love* Tisket a Tasket. :D You should finish it.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love all your blocks and the upcoming sneek peak.

Ondrea said...

Gee, you are good Vicki. I have also neglected that Breast of Friends BOM and have only recently thought about finishing it. I also have the Tisket A Tasket BOM to do but haven't started it. There are a few I have been collecting and they will get done ONEDAY lol. Yours are looking fntastic!

Terry said...

Good for you pulling out some older projects to work on. :0)

Noela said...

They look lovely Vicki. I gathered the fabrics for a breast of friends but that's as far as I got and I did the stitchery version of A Tisket A Tasket with the blocks still not together so you are not alone. Hope I will get to them one day as well. Hugs.....

Jenny of Elefantz said...

How ever you finish the Breast of Friends, it is going to be gorgeous, Vic!!
I love those basket blocks too...good idea to make all 12. Another beauty to admire. :-)

barb's creations said...

I've finished the Bunny hill BOM but it's been waiting for nearly two years to be trimmed and the binding put on I too think next year will be a finishing year for me.I also have the breast of friends one packed away unfinshed in a box so that too will see the light of day as well next year.
Yours look lovely and it will be great to see them finished :) Barb.

Susan said...

Vicki - Breast of Friends certainly did end up in a big quilt - if I had my time over I certainly would have made it smaller but I was all fired up with doing it in time for getting some pictures in Homespun. And that started my blog life as well. But I'd love to see yours finished...

susanm said...

Well its just great seeing that you are now getting to finish Breast of Friends, and to see that it has also taken you just as long as myself to get it done. It is rather big but I do have a nice place to hang it in the passage which can accommodate a few nice large quilts. Wow and stitching for Christmas is something that I have not thought about much my mind is still somewhere between April and October. Cant wait to see your completed items. Hugs

susanm said...

Hi Vicki, I have posted a pic of my quilt in my blog. So hope you will take a look there. Take care and have a great day well its early morning here. Hugs Susanm (in the picledish Patch site its my name)