Tuesday, 10 April 2012

More of Sovereign Hill…

Panning for gold……we didn't find any…boo hoo! That’s not me….it’s our lovely niece who is visiting us from Czech.

Soverine Hill 006 (Medium)

Love the horses and the carriage. Look at the old buildings….

Soverine Hill 016 (Medium)Soverine Hill 023 (Medium)

Of course we had to stop for lunch and yummy it was….Potato and Leek soup and Bacon and Tomato Fettuccini.

Washed down with a coffee of course.

Soverine Hill 029 (Medium)

Look at these gorgeous dresses….just beautiful!

Soverine Hill 034 (Medium)

This is what the women used to wear under their dresses to make them stay out …..glad we don't have to wear them anymore.

Soverine Hill 030 (Medium)

These baby jackets were over 100 years old!!

Soverine Hill 033 (Medium)

More doilies and trinket boxes. So pretty!!

Soverine Hill 035 (Medium)

Of course there was a quilt or two…..so pretty with chenille and ribbon embroidery on it.

Soverine Hill 032 (Medium)

These quilts were hanging in the Gold Museum

Soverine Hill 045 (Medium)

Soverine Hill 049 (Medium)

as was this lovely embroidered box.

Soverine Hill 047 (Medium)

So that’s it for Sovereign Hill from me. I enjoyed it and if you go to it then I hope that you enjoy it all too.

Hugs to All….


4 lovely people said....:

Susan said...

Just lovely - I dont remember any quilts and old doileys etc when I was there, but they are sure in the right setting.

Domac said...

Thanks for your blog, Vicki - I loved reading about your trip to Sovereign Hill. Hugs from Donna in Brisbane.

Barb said...

Enjoyed your post....and I am so glad that we no longer have to wear those hoops...sheweeee

Shirlwin said...

More wonderful photos of the past!
Talking of holding dresses out, I remember passing a very important external school exam and as a 'you did well gift' my aunt gave me one of those stiff petticoats that were worn under full skirts! They were more wearable than hoops.