Saturday, 14 April 2012

Delightful lovelies….

I was delighted to find these pegs in a store the other day and thought they would look lovely all wrapped up in their lace, ribbon and ricrac dresses.

DPP_0005 (Medium)

I love lace, ribbon and ricrac and before I had them just rolled up and kept in a bag. Now it is all tidy and neat.

DPP_0009 (Medium)

When I was in Tassie I got some little teeny tiny pegs too….see the ones in the front row? They are great for those small amounts of ribbon and lace.


Do you love old jewellery? I do and I was privileged to get some the other day from my lovely aunt. These are all clip on earrings and I wont wear them but I will treasure them. I seen on Fee’s blog how she made some fabulous fabric flowers from her Go! Baby and sewed some gorgeous embellishments onto them and is going to use them on her future bags or different things she sews. Great idea Fee. 

DPP_0010 (Medium)

DPP_0011 (Medium)

I was lucky enough to have the little china box that the earrings came in. I do love ‘old’ things and I really need a great big house to have everything on display.  

DPP_0012 (Medium)

DPP_0015 (Medium)

Hope you all are having a great week …

Hugs to all…..


11 lovely people said....:

De said...

Love your wrapped pegs. I saw some yesterday too- might have to "borrow" your idea. The earrings are gorgeous and yes Im with you - might need a super large house for everything I have or want to have too!

barb's creations said...

Love the treasures you received from your aunt,very pretty.The peg idea is great,must keep a look out for the old fashioned kind and try this idea myself :) Barb.

Dawn said...

Gorgeous them pegs x x

Marilyn said...

Your pegs look so neat and lovely all dressed in their laces and ribbons. Gorgeous treasures from your aunt.

Scottish Nanna said...

Love your treasures From your aunt The lace pegs are a great idea.When I was little in Scotland we used to paint Faces on the pegs and make little dollys as gifts for our friends it was good fun.
Hugs Mary.xx

quiltingmieke said...

hello, oh those pegs, so nice, would like them to,

enjoy the weekend

hug mieke

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What a great idea with the pegs....and the jewellery, can't wait to see what wonderful things you will create Vic....

Allie said...

LOVELY treasures, hon! I love the pegs, what a great way to display your trims. The earrings are wonderful - I'm pretty sure you can convert them to pierced if you want to, but I do love the idea of using them in projects!!

Susan said...

Great idea about the pegs Vioki! Those earring will look lovely on some fabricy things.

Ondrea said...

Those dressed pegs are so lovely. They loo like they are in a nice box too. You have some lovely things.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Brilliant idea for storing laces and trims!