Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gee whizzz…..time sure does fly lately….

I have been in my cave writing up a pattern. I can’t believe how long it took.

But it is all done! Yay!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Wanna see a little bit? I know you love sneak peeks…

new design1

Just thought I would show you a bit of a sneak peak at the new design. It’s going on a plane trip soon…in March…..down south….soon….not long now :)


I have also been busy putting the bindings on 4 of my quilts that I got them back from being quilted by Natalie of The Quilting Bug

binding on quilts1

I was very pleased with the quilting that Nat did on all these quilts for me and here are the backs of two of the quilts so you can see the quilting.

Back of quilt

New BOM 2012

This backing fabric is in my store and is lovely.

Can’t show you the fronts yet because they are being published soon.

I love seeing quilts rolled up too….I did this before with some other quilts. What is it about a quilt rolled up?

quilts rolled up1

All new designs and one for the man in your life, that’s the one on the bottom right hand corner.

The one in the left hand corner Mr T designed it from Batik fabrics from my store and I made it and Nat quilted it. Wow….three people worked on a quilt.

Top left has 9 gorgeous stitcheries and also pieced blocks which are all on point. The top right hand one is great with Batiks and a fab design which is quick and fun to do.

The Batiks you can get these from my store

 The Pickledish Patch.

Now it’s on to writing up the patterns for these and that part is the boring part. Might have to get the whip out to myself! I still have to put the binding on one more quilt too….but that one is a Thimbleberries design. I forgot how huge it was and I let Nat go for it with the quilting design. She had lots of fun and it has turned out really lovely. Once I bind it I will show you :)

Hope you are getting lots of sewing done too

Hugs to all…..


11 lovely people said....:

Fiona said...

Goodness me you have been busy !!Not long now before you fly down - Can't wait ! Hugs - Fee X

By Hoki Quilts said...

Woo hoo, looking forward to seeing it and you sweetie, the countdown is on : )
hugs, Miche'le xx

Teresa said...

Wow... you have been so busy. The rolled up quilts do look fantastic.. and I love your sneak peek xx

Marilyn said...

Ooh Vicki, a gorgeous lot of quilts there. Beautifully rolled up. The quilting on those you showed looks amazing. Not long before we head down south - so exciting.
Hugs xx

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh you've been busy - and look at all of those pretty quilts. I can't wait to see your patterns :)!! Hugs!

Ondrea said...

Just as I thought. You have been busy writing up patterns. Well done girl!

Karen's Korner said...

What a gorgeous pile of comfort.

Shirlwin said...

Gorgeous quilts [from what I can see], and wonderful quilting. Love the sneak peek!
Rolled up quilts? Have quilt, will travel:)

Ondrea said...

Vicki, you have been so busy! I love those quilts and the sneak peek of that project looks great. Well done.

Pauline said...

Hi vicki..wish I were going down south too..who knows maybe you can find some time to pop up and say hi..reckon miss fee will keep ya pretty busy though....hahah quilts looking great!!

miss~nance said...

WOW Vicki you have been busy. Beautiful work, looking forward to seeing the fronts.. Natalies quilting is beautiful. I too love rolled up quilts.