Monday, 21 November 2011

Fabric and things………

I couldn’t help myself.

I just loved these fabrics when I saw them and for some reason they just jumped into my trolley. I am thinking I will make a new bag out of them. Since then I have got some purple homespun for the lining and of course some green fabric found its way into my trolley too. Funny that.

new fabric (Medium)


I have finished my newest BOM and am waiting for it to go to the quilters to have it quilted.



I bought myself some new shoes to help me with my feet. These ones are Orthaheels and so far they seem to be helping.  Of course Bella had to make sure I took a good picture. LOL.

NEW SHOES (2) (Medium)

When I sew on my sewing machine, I am behind the two recliners we sit in to watch television. Sometimes Bella watches me from these and I finally was able to get a picture of her…..sooo cute.

Bella over lounge (1)


I have completed number 3 block for the Sentimental Journey BOM ….am loving this BOM.

Block 3



Now is the time to Pre-Order your copy of Leanne Beasley’s Vignette Issue #5 from The Pickledish Patch store. Just go HERE to put your order in. It’s due to be delivered on the 1st December.

Have a great day and Hugs to all…..



7 lovely people said....:

Maria said...

Love the new fabrics. Just so different.
I bought a pair of those thongs this weekend too. So go!!
You have been very busy stitiching.

Allie said...

Hello lovely Vicki! Such pretty fabric - isn't it funny how it just jumps into your cart....I love your new BOM! Beautiful! What's wrong with your feet, dear one? I don't know how you can all wear shoes with things between your toes....
Bella is too TOO adorable!!!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lovely fabrics, Vicki, and one gorgeous precious little dog!!! Your sandals look good but I can't wear thongs, I get blisters between my toes. :( I have a pair of scuffs that have the arch support in and I wear them at home all day. I have the orthoheel inserts in my joggers as well,. but must look around for something dressy for going out. :)

Quilt Kitty said...

How can you get any sewing done with that cute little face looking at you? I'd be jumping up to get cuddles all the time. Love the new BOM. Seeing a few things in yellow & purple lately & they are looking gorgeous together. Tracee xx

Doris said...

She is just gorgeous Vicki! What a cute little face! Your BOM looks nice too, you have been busy!!

quilterliz said...

G'day Vicki. The fabrics are beautiful and I am glad someone else has the same problem of material jumping into their trolley, seems to happen to me on a regular basis !!!. Love the shoes, though I too can't wear thongs. Your little dog is just adorable. Take care. Liz...

Shirlwin said...

The coffee coloured spotted fabric is one of what I bought a couple of weeks ago! I also purchased a purple one ... looked at your stripey one, but opted for a flowery one. Mmmm ... am searching my mind for a contrast, hadn't given yellow a thought.
Bella looks just too comfortable, and I am so pleased your shoes help!