Monday, 31 October 2011

A new quilt, wall hanger and other things ….


This quilt was a Monthly Sampler BOM that I was in on my craft forum. There were nine of us who were in it and we all sent in a pattern for a block to use and we all made up the blocks each month. We sewed our own blocks so didn't really swap but was still lots of fun. I really enjoyed sewing these blocks and I got brave and machine quilted it as well. Just an all over meandering stipple.

It was fun.

DPP_0003 (Medium)


This wall hanger is finished and this time I machine quilted swirls all over and being a small quilt it was easy enough. Plus I put the legs and eyes on the birds….so at least they can see where they are going to now *grin* I made this from the Go! Baby that I love!

There is still time for you to enter the giveaway over here for a chance to win a Go! Baby all of your own. You will love it *big grin*

If there is enough interest I will do up this wall hanger into a pattern and have it available to download. Let me know if you would like it.



This little guy just sits on my fridge grinning at us each time we go to the fridge. I painted him quite a few years back but being a purple frog I thought you might like to see him

Frog (Medium)


This fabulous purple note and pen holder was what the gorgeous Naomi gave me for guessing the little competition she had going a while ago. Thanks Naomi……I love it *smiles*

Gift from Naomi (2) Gift from Naomi (1)


I was in the shop the other day struggling to walk along with my big “CAM” boot on (I have to wear this for 6 weeks because I fractured a bone in the top of my foot….the day before I went to WA to see my new grandson!)

DPP_0001 (Medium)

and…..I spied this sitting on the shelf……now as its purple and would match my cutting mat, I just had to have it… my other one is a bit old now.

New Iron (1) (Medium)

Its a really nice iron to use to iron my patchwork and sewing things…..I don't use it for ironing clothes!!


So its no fun having a fracture in the foot and I can hardly wait for it to be healed. At least it’s my left foot and the car is automatic and so don't need to use that foot. But it is still hard to get in and out of the car tho. No joy at the moment! So a few things to show and tell and let me know if you would like the pattern for the Birds Wall hanger to be available and I will do the pattern up and have it as a freebie.

Hugs to all…….


8 lovely people said....:

Christine M said...

Sorry to hear about your foot Vicki. Hopefully you'll be up and about soon. Hugs, Christine.

PS I don't use my iron for ironing clothes either! lol

Sheila said...

Of course we want a pattern for the cute Birds Wall Hanger :)
Hope your foot heals quickly - - too bad there aren´t purple boots...would look so much nicer.
I am another person who believes irons are for fabrics only...after all, clothes get creased as soon as you put them on so what is the point. :)
And love the purple notebook holder.

Susan said...

Sorry about your foot - but I LUV the purple mat and iron - I have been pondering about getting a purple mat as I have finally gained a sewing room and it is all decked out in - - - PURPLE!! so really a mat and iron to match would be very nice . .

John'aLee said...

Oh I hope you get better girlie!
I LOVE that red quilt. It is so different than anything I've ever seen before.
Do take care of yourself!

Mommarock said...

So sorry to hear about your foot. I can certainly understand how it happens tho. I dropped two of my teacher textbooks on my foot.. and umm it hurt for weeks. I thought I might have broken it, but I never did go to the doctors I just fumbled through. Hope you are having a hopping good time quilting soon.

quilterliz said...

G'day. I hope your foot heals quickly. Love the wall hanging, it's gorgeous. The frog is simply divine. Take care. Liz...

Barb said...

Sorry about the boot...hope you heal quickly.

Love it all!!!! down to the purple iron....

Miriam said...

I hope your foot is healing quickly, Vicki.

Take care.