Sunday, 23 October 2011

Do you Dear Jane? Are you a Janiac?

                              Pinwheel Gone Awry   One - Two Buckle My Shoe 

I have been doing Dear Jane blocks to make up the quilt for a couple of years now and haven't got very far. I have done 23 blocks all up. Well over a period of two years that's pretty slow!! Pretty pathetic really.

Hunter's Moon   Courtney's Stethoscope

Well Dawn and I were talking about doing these blocks on a regular basis…a bit like one a month (at least).

We needed something to keep track of how many we have done and also to be able to encourage each other on. 

Then we thought …well there has to be others that would like to get together each month and talk, show and encourage about the blocks too.

So Janiac’s Unite was created.

Now ….Janiac’s you ask? You have heard of maniacs haven't you? Well those who are keen on doing the Dear Jane blocks tend to be rather a bit too keen….. hence Janiacs. So getting together on this Janiac’s Unite blog is a great way for us all to do these blocks.

Go on over HERE and leave a comment if you would like to join in on the blog to show, talk and encourage each other with sewing these fabulous blocks. Either Dawn or I will then add you to the blog and you will be able to put up a picture of your block/s you do each month as well as tell us your progress and encouragement too.

We have a Janiac’s Unite button you can add to your blog and link it to Janiac’s Unite.

Just right click and save it to your computer and put it on your blogs sidebar and link it with this web address

button 2

Of course we expect you to post once a month on the blog and if you miss two months you will be dropped off the blog to make way for someone new who will post monthly with their block/s. By being strict like this enables the blog to have a constant turnover of posts and of course lots of encouragement.

We can take another 98 Janiacs.

We want to get these quilts made!! lol.

Dawn and I hope you will join us on this fabulous venture of sewing these awesome blocks and we look forward to seeing your blocks too.

So hop on over and join us and tell your friends and fellow Janiacs.

Hugs to all……


7 lovely people said....:

By Hoki Quilts said...

You two sure are devils for punishment, LOL. I haven't been bitten by the Jane bug...yet, anyway I have enough UFO's to equal all of those blocks already so I guess I should really get those done first eh?
good luck ; ))))
hugs, Miche'le xx

Sue W ♥ said...

on my way as I have been doing my Dear Jane for a few years now and go to a class once a month so shouldn't have a problem posting a completed block once a month

Larissa said...

Oh this is great! I've been crushing on this quilt for a few months now and the main thing that was holding me back (apart from my swaps ... a few of which I have called time on from next month) has been the idea of doing all those little blocks by myself ... keeping myself accountable ... this 'janiac's group' is fantastic! Even went and ordered my copy just now! Looking forward to seeing all the other's creations of the blocks and the inspiration to keep me moving!

Jeanneke said...

Great idea, Vicky! You and Dawn are amazing women, offering this encourageing opportunity to finish one's Dear Jane quilt.
I am not doing a DJ (yet). If I were I surely would love to join.
Happy, happy stitching!



Wonky Girl said...

Not sure I want to join a group. But could you share a Dear Jane book title that you like? Maybe if I had the book and could see how blocks are constructed....... I would get over my fear of starting a DJ quilt.

hope said...

I would love to join the Dear Jane group. I have been wanting to begin this quilt for a long time. I do not have a blog right now -- another thing on my to do list. Hope Mitchner (

teresa said...

Oh this is perfect... I have started my Dear Jane quilt and done a few blocks (I must go and check how many) and then I came to an abrupt stop...this is just what I need... I'm there... thank you so much for doing this xxxxxxx