Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mushrooms and other things….

I bought a box of dirt the other week…on it there was a promise of mushrooms that would grow…I bought it and watered it and misted it like it said and finally after about a month ..I was ready to chuck it out onto the garden.. look at what are showing their little heads!!! Soooo cute and exciting!

Mushrooms (1) (Medium)

Mushrooms (2) (Medium)

Mushrooms (3) (Medium)

Yeah….I know….its only mushrooms….but these ones I am going to be able to pick and eat and more will pop up and let me pick to eat…Yummmm! I love mushrooms cooked on toast. Steak and mushroom pie! Mmmmm…..

I remember going out to the farmer’s paddocks looking for mushrooms growing wild….many years ago now. It was so much fun running around with my bucket and knife looking for a mushroom to cut and put in the bucket.

Bring them home …clean them up and cook them…..nothing better than freshly picked field mushrooms cooked and also just sliced and mixed in to a nice salad too …well there are other yummyness but for now its mushrooms *grin*


I have been a little bit busy with putting these blocks together and doing some hand stitching as well.

Blocks for Vintage BOM (3) (Medium)1

Sorry couldn’t show you too much as this is my new BOM that is going to be released very soon.

Hope you like piecing blocks and stitcheries? *grin*

Polka dots are just lovely. I used red fabric with white dots on my Simple Things quilt

DPP_0001 (Medium)

and have used dot fabric in my Out Of The Box BOM too.

Love polka dots. Haha…I could go dotty over them lol.

5 Blocks Five (Small) 8 Blocks Eight

9 Blocks Nine 

Plus in the borders there are dots! Oh and Prairie Points too…..

snippets of BOM (Medium)

snippets of BOM (10) (Medium)

At the end of this week I will have the instructions for putting it all together ready for you all to download for my Out Of The Box BOM and I hope you all have fun sewing it and putting it together. This will be my version and Dawn will have hers for you also.

We are getting some nice rain here today and it’s just as well I went and took those photos the other day as all the blossom is gone from that beautiful tree now.

Have a great week

hugs to all……


7 lovely people said....:

Shirlwin said...

Mushrooms! Not my favourite dish! I remember gathering mushrooms as a child and making sure there were no grubs amongst the pink. Later when eldest son declared he loved mushrooms I would send him, and the mushrooms around to his Nana for cooking and eating.
Mmmm ... spots and prairie points .. I like both:)

quilterliz said...

G'day. Hubby and I both love mushrooms. I have never tried growing them in the box, though I have seen it advertised many times. Maybe one day I will give it a go. Love the colours in your BOM. Take care. liz...

cheryl said...

Lol, looove mushrooms, love prairie points, like polka dots, altogether, a great blog site!!

secondhandrose said...

Glad you are getting some mushrooms. I have a favourite garlic mushrooms recipe, they are mixed with some olive oil and tomato paste and taste delish on pasta or toast!
Love your polka dot blocks, will be interested to see hoow they end up. The colours are lovely.

Allie said...

Well how fun is that - I wouldn't mind growing them [I think they're adorable] but I hate to eat them, lol! Oh your new sneak peek looks WONDERFUL Vicki, and yes I love dots too! How can anyone not like dots.

Fiona said...

Love the look of your new BOM - It looks adorable - Can't wait to see it hun..... I am not a mushroom fan but Rod loves them - He usually gets what he wants LOL so I do cook them for him.

Hugs Fee xX

Sheila said...

I love the mushrooms. We grew them a couple of years in a row. It was amazing how fast they grew. They grew so fast we had to give some away. Love the BOM, can't wait to see it. Have a great week.