Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thank you and my Vignette Stitchery Block 1

Thank you very much to Dawn who told you all about it being my birthday yesterday and I was very surprised to have Birthday Wishes coming in…then I realised …special hugs to you Dawn :) you are a special friend to me and I consider you as a true sister ((hugs)) back at you hunny :)

Thank you everyone for your lovely birthday wishes, I was totally feeling very blessed having so many wonderful birthday wishes. If that wasn't enough my dear friend Dawn spoilt me with these delightful gifts

DPP_0001 (Medium)

and my dear friend Jenny spoilt me with these fabulous gifts..

DPP_0002 (Medium)

DPP_0004 (Medium)

I felt totally blessed!! Thank you my dear sweet sisters :)

Also another dear friend Barb stitched up this absolutely beautiful wall hanger. Thank you Barb :) I love it.

Wall Hanger Barb Graham gave me for my birthday 2011 (Medium)

Barb knows I love green and so she stitched it all in green.

I am so lucky to receive all these fabulous gifts.


I have been stitching diligently my block ‘one’ of the Vignette Mystery Quilt by Leanne Beasley. Now it’s finished!! Yay!!

Vignette Block One (3) (Medium)

I didn’t have Cosmo threads so converted the colours to use Aurifil threads. I hadn't used these threads before and as I have them listed in my store, I thought it would be nice to try them out. They are the Ne12 threads. Gorgeous colours too.

Well…how delightful they are to use. One strand of thread which goes thru so smoothly and no splitting them either. They are kept on a reel and I like that idea too. I love them and am so glad I decided to use them for this stitchery BOM.

The fabrics I am using are ‘Swell’ by Urban Chicks and I am using the Hanky Linen for the stitchery blocks.

So I enjoy my time watching the telly at night times stitching this delightful pattern. Thanks Leanne for a fabulous BOM and it’s now on to Block Two :)

Happy stitching everyone and thanks again for the fabulous birthday wishes and hugs :)

Hugs to all……..



16 lovely people said....:

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday Vicki. Your block looks gorgeous. I had nearly finished mine but discovered a problem & now am having to restitch the flower blocks. :( Hugs,

Nellie put the kettle on said...

Hi Vicki, happy birthday for yesterday. I'm interested in the Aurfil threads, I've never heard of them before (we're a little restricted with what's available locally). The no 12, is suitable for doing hand embroidery by the looks of it, can you suggest a good lavender colour for me as I think I would like to give it a go. I've been making a few lavender gifts for the local tourist shop and havn't been real happy with what I've been using.

Creative Times with Sue said...

Love the block....full of beautiful stitchery and colour. Also good to hear you have enjoyed your birthday. :)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Vicki. Hope you had a good day. Love the new quilt

creativedawn said...

Ohhhh, Dawn is a real sweetheart! lol, that's how I knew! Anyhoo, I do love all your gifts, but most of all, I'm loving that Vignette BOM....your block is awesome!


Barb said...

I missed your sorry. It sounds like it was wonderful and with fun goodies.

Happy Belated Birthday.

Love your stitcery...just gorgeous.

Graciela said...

Happy Birthday Vicky!!!!!
kisses for you ♥♥♥
congrats for the gift enjoy it

Allie said...

What lovely gifts for a beautiful girl! Love that little wallhanging. Your block looks just wonderful, Vicki, it looks so fun to stitch!

liloca, liloquinha said...

lembra de mim? Estou passando aqui para te desejar felicidades pelo seu aniversario!!!
Que todo o amor de Jesus se derrame sôbre você e sua família. Em amor

Ondrea said...

Just gorgeous Vicki! A lovely assortment of pressies there too. Mine is being posted to you today by DH. Sorry about the delay.Angel hugs.

teresa said...

Wow Vicki your Vignette block is stunning. Love your birthday presents and I am sooooo glad you had a wonderful birthday. xx

Melody said...

Your new quilt is looking fabulous.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday, sweet Vicki!! :-)
I am loving the look of your Vignette block - those threads give it a different look, more striking I think.
Big hugs,

clare said...

So glad you had a lovely day Vicki and what beautiful gifts ! Your block is really stunning and I looking forward to seeing the others as you go .

LynCC said...

Hi there. :) I surfed over from Cloth Stitched. Your Stichery block is so fun!! I wonder if you would be willing to link this post about it up on my fledgling BOMs Away post?

Your block'ss such a unique piece of eye candy to share with folks. :D

Madame Samm said...

Another may name sake!....we also share that too Vicki...not the day but month...
Love Aurifil until I tried Presencia...made the switch...loved your!