Tuesday, 8 March 2011

We Nutters met a lot of lovely ladies…

Yes we did….I feel very privileged to have met so many beautiful and truly lovely ladies over the weekend.

First up it was my beautiful Nutter Sistas..Love them all to bits.

The food at Elio’s was to die for….so yummm!

Joy looking out and surveying the scene down at the park and Jenny Hoot telling her that its going to be raining soon so head on up to the Gazebo. All the cars from the lovely ladies and the side part of the pub.

Then we met a lot of lovely ladies from Blogland and the Craft Forum at the Morning Tea on Saturday morning. So much fun that was!!!

Thanks for taking the photo of us under the huge trees Marilyn. That was good timing on your part and so special that you stopped after seeing us trying to take it hehehehe

We really did have so much fun with lots of laughter and hugging and chatting and it was just soo soo good.

Can’t wait for the next get together…Tassie here we come.

Thanks for coming along everyone to the Morning Tea it was so good to meet you all. Hugs hugs!!

hugs to all…… Vicki

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