Saturday, 12 February 2011

I am loving this finishing off the UFO’s

Here is my other table runner that I did using up strips of scrappy fabrics.

Thank you Allie and Miche’le for telling me the proper name for this method.

Pioneer Braid is what it is and I really do like doing this method.


I probably should have mixed up the colours so that the pinks weren’t at one end and the greens the other but not to worry….I will pretend it is meant to be like that…lol

I think I got to get into the habit of ironing things before I take a photo of them.

I am off to finish more of these UFO’s.

hugs to all……..Vicki

15 lovely people said....:

Vanilla Rose Home and Body Escentuals...Naturally said...

Its a lovely table runner, Vicki, and I wouldn't have realised about the colours if you hadn't said, I thought it was meant to be like that. Hugs :)

Jessica said...

Your table runner is really nice!
There is a nice feeling you get when something is finished!

Susan said...

Vicki - it seems you are on a roll now - and its easy to finish off those little projects isnt it! they look great and I really dont think it matters about the colour arrangement - you can always try a light to dark one - they look great too!

Allie said...

Oh hon so pretty!!!!! And I think the colors look great like that - like they were meant to be. Excellent job!

Brenda said...

I like how the colors move from one color scheme to the next. Very pretty.

alice said...

It's really cute--got that rainbow effect going on.
Of course you did it on purpose.
I have some of the braids started somewhere too--thanks for the motivation.

inspirational art said...

Lovely table runner!! The colors looks lovely as it is. I would love get a pattern for the braids. Any suggestions? I am a beginner in quilting and love your work and regularly follow your blog.

Mad Quilter Maddy said...

Your table runner is beautiful. Nice fabric choice also.

Terry said...

Your table runners are just lovely! And I like that pattern a lot! :0)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
Ohh I like how the colours are matching at either end!
If you run out of UFO's, I could drop off some of mine. LOL

I'm sure all you gum nutters will have a fabulous time together in QLD.
Creative hugs,

Funoldhag said...

Great table runner, Vicki. Nice to get some ufo's finished. I actually faced a table mat - hexagon edges - and it's ready to be hand stitched. What a time getting it together, but I finally did. I was wanting to make a small quilt like that - changed my mind on that one! LOL! Have a great weekend. Carol

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your UFO's too.... Whenever you want to take some of mine on, just let me know and I'll send them over.... LOL!

Phyllis said...

It's very pretty. I bought a pattern very similar to this last year and haven't even opened it yet.

I'm not doing very well at all with my UFO's :(

Sølvi's blog said...

Lovely runners you have made there. And I like the pink end and the green end thing.

Jodi said...

I actually really love the way you have the colours in the table runner. I thought you had intentionally run them from green to pink. It is gorgeous.