Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I am excited because EQ7 is coming out. I have EQ6 and I am upgrading to EQ7. There is 75 new features on it and all sorts of goodies. Electric Quilt has changed their activation policy too. You can activate and deactivate your software when you change computers without all the hassles. Just a few clicks and you are done.

New Activation Policy
You'll never run out of EQ7 activations!
Activation and deactivation is as easy as two clicks of the mouse.
Install on as many computers as you like and quickly transfer activations from computer to computer.
This new policy gives you complete freedom to manage your own activations — and no dongle to worry about!
Easier than ever for new usersEQ7 is the most user-friendly full-featured quilting software yet.
Complete user manual
22 printable full-color PDF lessons (115 pages)
Point-and-read info on each tool – now linked directly to Help topics
10 videos targeted for beginners
67 “How do I?” topics: printable stepped-out instructions for doing everything from printing English paper-piecing templates to drawing a New York Beauty
Built-in Help buttons are everywhere, targeted to the task you're doing
New block tools for creating original blocks instantly without drawing
Blocks size themselves – just drag and drop on the quilt
Includes tons of user-requested new features
Exactly the same friendly interface, plus loads of new user-requested features:5000 copyright-free blocks
5000 new scanned fabrics, plus grayscale textures
120 new pre-designed quilt layouts
Snap blocks to a Quilt gridInstant border blocks with greatly expanded
Auto BordersPrint multiple photos on fabric
Create original fabric designs from photos, then print on fabric
Mirror and use myriad symmetries on photos
Use dozens of artistic effects, making everyday photos look like watercolors or Impressionist paintings
79 new features in all
Netbook compatible
Works on netbooks as well as laptops and desktop computers.
I have also been busy sewing a quilt....this quilt is for my son and his fiance for their wedding and they have no idea what style or size or design I am going to make for them and its going to be a surprize so I can put anything up on here just incase they will see it. But I can say its in colours they wanted.
Have you been having a look at the Mothers Day happenings over at the Among the Gum Tree blog? Some gorgeous projects to sew and read about. So pop on over and have a look. I will be putting a free project up on Saturday so dont forget to check it out :)
Hugs to all ........Vicki

10 lovely people said....:

clare's craftroom said...

Vey exciting Vicki , by the sounds of it the only thing it doesn't do is make coffee ! Wishing you great enjoyment with it .

Kim said...

Do you know how the activation policy works if you purchase the upgrade version? Inquiring minds NEED to know!

Jeanette said...

Woo Hoo. Csn't wait to upgrade. Glad they changed their policy too. Thanks for the heads up on the release. Hugs, Jeanette


Thanks for the heads up, love playing with EQ6. One of these days I ought to do more than pplay with it. I did do my last quilt with it. But so far it's just in my library and printed on paper, have not assembled it yet. Need to have it together before June 10 since the shop hop begins the 11th.

Ozjane said...

Not sure if I should thank you for that or wish I had not read it...LOL
I saw the 7 was out and have been upgrading since version 3 I think and I was trying to talk myself out of it......but you did a darn good job of talking me into it.
Thanks.....I think.

Jeannie said...

I gave my EQ5 to my daughter in law and now that I'm back to quilting more I might have to look into EQ7. It's a great program.

BJ said...

Thanks for more info on EQ7 - I haven't been able to find any on my own. Looks like one I definitely need to upgrade to. My sister got me EQ5 when it came out and now I have EQ6.

Allie said...

It sure looks good, it's on my list already, lol - can't wait to see your son's quilt!

Jessica said...

I would love to have EQ7 one day! Very exciting!

Julia said...

Vey exciting Vicki ...I have EQ6 and if the new upgrade is easier to use...I'm all for it,, I'll be upgrading when it comes out.
I really have not used my EQ6 to it's full advantage..Julia ♥