Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I am excited!! Wooo…hooo!!

Today I got my fabrics that I ordered from America!! I lurve them all!!! Oh oh Oh!! pure delight!

They came in this neat box!

 003 copy

They didn't take that long to get to me either which I am even more thrilled about…Oh just look at them :)

*Doing the happy dance here*



I have fondled and I have drooled and fondled again. :)


I am afraid Bec…I blew my fabric diet!

You did say if I fell off the wagon and got back on that it would be ok didn't you? I needed a big pick me up after I broke my wrist..*whine*

But now I will try to stay on it as I am going on a Chocolate diet too now…no more choccie for me until I have lost several kilos!!


Ohhhhhhhh…..Chocolate!! Oh well I will just drool over my new fabrics…..yummmm!

I think I am getting to be nearly 200 posts..

so you all know what that means don't you?

Means I talk alot!!

Nah…soon I will have to have a look and see what I can have for a giveaway :)

I know everyone likes them, I know I do :)

Take care and hugs to All…..Vicki


  1. Beautiful fabric, Vicki!

    I don't think I will join you on your chocolate diet. I looove my choccy!!!

  2. What great fabrics where in the states did you order them from.

  3. You're so funny Vicki!!
    Woooooo...yummmm to all that beautiful fabric! Pity blogs don't have a 'touch' button... gorgeous!
    Did I read you broke your wrist?
    Oh you poor girl? Are you mending?
    Do take care won't you and enjoy your 'loot'.
    Robyn xx

  4. Ooh Vicki - I am drooling along with you!!! What a pair of mucky pups we are!!! :-)

    Gosh, your excitement just about jumped out of the screen at me! And you SO deserve them after breaking your wrist! Well, Ok, you would deserve them even if you hadn't broken your wrist! he he he... but it is good to justify it isn't it?!!!

    Oh gosh, it seems that you're not the only one who chats a lot - I'm always taking up waaay too much space on the comments page!

    Lots of love to you sweetie - have fun drooling and fondling!

    Hugs and love!!!!
    Vikki xoxoxo {{{{hugs}}}}

  5. So does this mean that the wrist is all better and you are back to full productivity? LOL
    Have fun with all those beautiful fabrics.

  6. Vicki,
    You've got to stop doing this to me....I'm drooling so bad DH's just asked me if I'm ok LOL!What a lovely haul,too bad I can't feel as well as see.What a blissful state you must be in now :) Barb.

  7. WOW what a great parcel to recieve and yes I would be continuously drooling and feeling if they had just arrived in my house... love your little bag's from Helen's I have made one and I like you think they will be great for future presents... especially filled with wonderful little gifts :)

  8. Mmmm really must have a word with my postie , I only get bills !

  9. What pretty colors! It's always fun to get new fabric!!

  10. YUMMM!!!
    Love the blues Vicki ... especially the ones with the yellow/red flowers! Where did you order them from?? I LOVE getting fabric in the mail ... :o)!!!
    Joy :o)

  11. Hi Vicki,
    Oh, you new fabrics are gorgeous.
    "A girl has to have vices" If it's not chocolate then fabrics would be a great replacement!
    Have you tried the low Carb chocolate? It's great if you like dark chocolate!

  12. Sweet, sweet fabrics!!! I'm so glad you treated yourself, Vicki. I know you don't do this very much so GOOD ON YOU!!! Now, stitch and enjoy every minute. :-)

  13. Hi there...what a wonderful blog you have...I love it!!!

  14. wow, Tozz, what a wonderful collection!
    Congrats!!!! Yay!
    I am sorry about the chocolate, I can totally understand you... But what about making desserts from fabric instead? :)