Saturday, 22 August 2009

2009 Hug Swap

Hug Swap 2009

It's the day to share what Jenny from (Jenny of Elefantz) and I (Tozz’s Corner) have been planning for months! We held off this swap until after Jenny moved, then I broke my wrist, then our theme of Roses for the swap ended up being the theme for Helen Stubbings Angel seemed that for a while there the swap was not going to happen. But finally we can announce it! \o/
Welcome to the 2009 HUG SWAP!!


The main purpose of this swap is to make it a beautiful but inexpensive swap, especially for those who are unable to participate in other swaps due to postage costs overseas or due to items being large or heavy (also expensive to post). This swap is a size that can be posted in a mid-size envelope - much cheaper posting within countries and overseas, as it can post as a letter.

There are a few rules to this swap.

1. You must post your partner 2 items - a Mug Hug, and a Mug Mat. They can lay flat when packed, and fit in a medium sized envelope.

2. You must not post anything else in the parcel! This is very important. Remember, many people cannot afford to add extra items or pay large postage so this way no-one feels bad if they cannot add extra items.

3. Do NOT sign up for this swap if you do not think you can get the items made and posted by September 25th. We are aiming for an October 5th delivery date.

4. You must show the HUG SWAP button on your blog. Simply copy and paste the button photo from the top of this post, save it to your computer, upload it to your blog THEN link it to either Jenny’s or my blog.
You have until September 4th to email Jenny or myself and sign up! :-) You must give a valid email address, home address, phone number and your real name along with a link to your active blog. These will be kept confidential - they will only be shared with Jenny and I, and your swap partner.

On the draw date Jenny or I will email you at your nominated email address and once you have replied to that email we can confirm your involvement and you and your partner's name will be up on both our blogs in the participators list under the Hug Swap 2009 button.

So sign up, start sewing and have fun!
The pattern on the Mug Mat is the Number 6 Block of my On My Heart BOMs and can be downloaded HERE from my blog.
Jenny's Mug Hug design is HERE to download from Jenny’s blog.


NOTE: You do not have to use our designs for your Mug Hug and Mug Mat, you can use anything you like, but please stay with the theme of HUGS.


Jenny has done a tutorial for how to sew the Mug Hug and Mug Mat.

How exciting this is!!

Hugs to All…….Vicki

EDIT:- This swap is now closed and we are not taking anymore names.


  1. Ooh Vicki! Count me in!

    How exciting! :-)

    Hugs! Hugs! Vikki xoxo

  2. Ooh Vicki can I do this too, so much sewing and so little time. I will get back to you on this. Love the idea though.

  3. I'm looking forward to this swap! I already emailed Jenny that I'm in!

  4. Have already emailed Jenny, Beautiful idea, I cant wait to get started on it. hugz xxx

  5. I'm in.I'll email you today :) Barb.

  6. Hello Vicki! Thanks so much for hosting this swap! I have signed up thru Jennys website! Thanks again! Your designs are lovely!

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    I really like this post..
    thanks for sharing..

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