Monday, 13 July 2009

On My Heart BOM Layout and a look at others.

I have been playing around in EQ6 and have come up with two designs to have the On My Heart blocks all put together. A few ladies have said they are going to make them into a table runner which would look fantastic and the last block Notions On My Heart was sewn up and made into a beautiful Needle Holder by Biquiños

Regalo Elena Julio 2009 How clever is she?? But go on over to her blog and have a look at the insides ….its fantastic!


Also Barb from Barb from BarbsCreations has done her blocks in Red and Black and White….awesome!!

SL370290 SL370292 SL370293 




Another few have done some lovely colour combinations and they look superb. I am always amazed at how everyone comes up with something different and they all look just stunning. Here are a few ……

httpstoffkatze.blogspot.com200906auf-dem-laufenden.html bird vickiPatchundteckel httpdi-workbaskettimecard.blogspot from Seams to Sew to Quilt

from Seams to Sew to Quilt (2) From Shas (2)

from Siggi httpdi-workbaskettimecard.blogspot (2)

IMG_0004 From Shas Beatrice IMG_0016 Shas Jenny of Elefantz


Ok….I just cant help myself in showing off everyone's lovely blocks.


These are the two different styles I have come up with and it will give you a couple of ideas as to how to put your blocks together.

Borders on Edge copy

This is the straight edged borders. The hearts are all appliquéd on to give it a bit of interest and to tie the blocks in.

This one measures 30.5” x 41”


This is the scalloped edge one which is a bit different and if you like scallops then you can work on doing one like this.

Scalloped Edge copy

This one measures 24.5” x 35” not counting the scallops.


If you haven't got No. 5 block yet click on here and it will take you to it to download it. The rest are available from my Etsy store so just click on the Etsy button and it will take you to it.

Hope you had fun looking at all the blocks as much as I have and the layouts gives you a couple of ideas.

Hugs to all……Vicki

11 lovely people said....:

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love to see how much creativity there is out there. Thanks for sharing a peek at the beautiful blocks.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tozz, your block of the month is stunning.......sorry to have missed the first four blocks...Warm Regards Lyn

DIDI said...

You are SO kind Vicki (although I think perhaps you forgot to wear your glasses? lol)
It's nice to see all the other blocks, they look really good.

As to the finishing, I like the second quilt, although I don't know hoe to make those scallops yet. I'll google around and see what I find out!

Thanks a lot for being so kind.

("biquiños" is a friendly word to say bye in Galician dialect which means kisses lol)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the lovely blocks, I havent started them yet, but I will be doing them soon. And all those pictures of everyone elses, wow, they are all just super. xxx

Donna said...

Thank you again, Vicki, for your hats. They are lovely. And doesn't everybody's On My Heart BOMs look great. You must be proud of your creative endeavours. Hugs from Donna in Brisbane.

call me crazy said...

Oh I love the layout with the scallops! I need to get busy stitching and get caught up!! :-o Thank you for the great patterns!

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Oh how fun, I see a couple of mine on there.. How pretty they all look. I really like the needle keeper too. Thank you so much again for sharing this wonderful pattern.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
I've tagged you with an award-please see my blog for details.

Ondrea said...

Vicki, your designs have come up beautifully on everyone's work. I love the idea of a table runner but the ideas you have shown for quilts look fantastic too. An inspiration to us all.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Vicki!

Gosh I can't decide which quilt layout I like best... I am usually a sucker for scallops, but I like both layouts equally!

Didi's needlecase is absolutely beautiful, what a clever and creative lady! And you, her inspiration! :-)

Hugs! Hugs!
Vikki xoxo

clare's craftroom said...

Wow Vicki , all those colour variations and they all look stunning ! Great design .