Friday, 24 April 2009

I wanted to tell you about ….

I just wanted to tell you all about Siggi who has made my Blue Bird on My Heart block up and has a picture of it on her blog. I love the colours she has done hers in.

I will be putting up number 2 block sometime over the weekend and I am excited that so many of you liked the Blue Bird On My Heart. Thank you and do tell me if you have a picture of it as I love seeing what you have done.

This is number 2 which is a Butterfly On My Heart

Butterfly On My Heart1 I have done these two blocks on a tan background as quite a few things lately seem to have a brown/tan background. The next ones will be a bit different but will match the others as I want to make it into a wall hanger or small quilt…not sure as yet.

Also Jane has received my giveaway and is one happy lady :) That excites me also to think that something I made has given someone such joy.

I love giving more than receiving and at times I worry that what I have isn’t all that good but after reading how excited Jane was to get my things it has boosted my confidence big time. So thank you Jane for winning my giveaway.


  1. Vicki the Butterfly version is lovely and so very feminine.

    I think we can be very hard on ourselves with what we do, but it is also what drives us to be the best that we possibly can be. Jane is a lucky lady and I feel the same way with the prize that I won at an earlier time on your blog.

    I also would like to say, I like the new look with your blog! :D

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Oh, how sweet and generous of you to give the pattern for your "Blue Bird on My Heart".
    Thanks so much, I have printed it off and will add it to my "To Do" list.
    Hugs, Anna

  3. That butterfly is gorgeous !

  4. Love the new clothes. :) and the butterfly block is super. xxx

  5. I *love* your new blog makeover!! It's so inviting and friendly! :-)

    Butterfly on my Heart is beautiful! I am definitely going to be making it...I like the background colour a lot - it's unusual isn't it? VERY nice!!

  6. Hi Vicki!

    I love your new makeover too! :-) It is bright and cheerful - It suits you xx

    Your work is divine sweetheart, you've no need to be hard on yourself. It must be a wonderful feeling to see other people's versions of your designs... and they are GREAT designs!

    Warm wishes!
    Vikki x

  7. Love the colours in you new blog,

  8. Very lovely butterfly, I printed the first block and have to choose my fabrics...Thanks for sharing, Béatrice from France

  9. how do I upload blocks 1 and 2? I think I got 3. your BOM is so beautiful.