Thursday, 9 October 2008

This is a Leanne Beasley design. I got some lovely charm squares from a lovely lady on the Craft Forum called Clair. Shes a really lovely lady and does some amazing machine quilting and I want to go and watch her do that :)

Anyway....I changed the bag that Leanne designed around a bit. I didnt do it as wide and also I bound the edges as I love that look and also made it so it has more pockets on the inside so I can loose all my stuff hehehe. I also put pockets on the sides so really its a whole new design and just the charm squares idea is from Leanne.

I dont know if any of you do that? change patterns around to suit you, but I do as I grab the idea that is there and add or subtract from it. Its fun and interesting.

1 lovely people said....:

clare said...

You are a very talented lady , love the fabrics .