Sunday, 1 June 2014

Getting excited…..


In my last post I said I have something to tell you…well it is that I am off to Adelaide for the AMQ Festival. I cannot wait as Judi Madsen and Jenny Doan are going to be there and they are two very special ladies who I admire.

I love how Judi does machine quilting.. Its truly amazing and to have a lesson or two from her will be great. Jenny has terrific tutorials on patchwork and to watch her on YouTube is always a favourite past time of mine.

When I am there in Adelaide I am going to be staying with my dearest friend Dawn and that is very exciting as well.

We are going to the AMQ Festival together along with Wendy and Natalie and who ever else goes.

So that is my excitement :)

This is my little cutie – Bella :) She is a little dog but is just the best dog :) Such a cutie :) Just thought I would show you her.


Just a short blog post today

hugs to all

have nice day


5 lovely people said....:

Jo in TAS said...

You'll have a great time Vicki and will learn lots

Christine M said...

Have a wonderful time Vicki. I love seeing Judi's quilting too. She is amazing. Have fun with Dawn. Stay out of mischief you two!

Liz said...

Really happy for you to have that weekend away. Lovely to be able to be with Dawn and go to the quilt show:):)

Shirlwin said...

You have an amazing time coming up Vicki!! Wow to actually meet Jenny Doan.
Bella is such a wee pet, love her coat.

debbie said...

Have a great time away. Bella looks like such a sweetie, she melts me :) Congrats on being published too, so exciting! xx debbie