Saturday, 19 June 2010

Christmas Pressies and what’s this?

Hi everyone and I hope all of you lovely bloggers are not too cold or too hot. Here in Melbourne its Brrrrrrr Cold!!

First up I have a piccie of the gorgeous doily's that Dawn designed and I have made 4 but only 2 are finished. These are to go in my Christmas box so I have some prepared Early Bird Christmas pressies done that Judith is encouraging us all to do. I decided to do a lovely little crochet edge….I think it finishes them off nicely.

DPP_0009Judith has a challenge going on over on her blog now and it looks like a fun one. Hop on over and have a look. 


What’s this???

Scraps from cutting out shapes for Baileys and Regans quilts

All of these bits and pieces are what I cut off some shapes the other night. Lots and lots of appliqué shapes and now I am machine blanket stitching them all onto blocks.

These are a secret too as two very special people will be receiving the finished items later in the year.


Vicki and G walking

That’s me and my neighbour walking….we used to go every weekday morning for an hour but we haven't been for over a month as my foot is not being co-operative. I had to have two lots of cortisone injections in it to see if that would fix it but alas….it’s still sore as anything and so no walking for me. I do hope it comes good as I miss walking with G. That’s me on the left..don't cha just lurve my hat?

Take care everyone

Hugs to all…………Vicki

22 lovely people said....:

mandapanda said...

Oh Vicki, those doilies are just wonderful! The crochet edges complement and finish them off just perfectly! I wonder if you could make something with those left over scraps of fabric? Perhaps a mosaic on fabric?
I love walking! I take my dog out every day, as long as the weather's good. Today is freezing, and I live in tropical QLD! I hope your foot stops hurting soon. Are you taking pain meds for it? Perhaps you could try an alternative theropy, like acupuncture?
Keep up the great craft and quilting!!

nima said...

wow...the doilies look beautiful with crochet edging

Susan said...

Just gorgeous - and a great way to use some smaller bits of fabric - and maybe in a smaller size for drink / cup coasters??

Karen's Korner said...

Love your doilies. You girls look like you are enjoying your morning walk. I hope your foot soon mends so you can get back to it.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi gorgeous!

Gorgeous doilies, Vicki!!! Wish I could crochet...must learn! :-)

Can't wait to see what else you've been up to... those snippets are intriguing!

Hugs in abundance!!

Vikki xx

Ondrea said...

Those doilies are lovely V, especially with the crocheted edges. Hmmm that is an interesting project you are planning with the scraps, can't wait to see what you do with those.

Dawn said...

the doiley's look fabulous Vicki.... well done, I love the crochet.... and can't wait to see what you've done with the bits...
Hugs Dawn x x x

clare's craftroom said...

Oh those doilies ! Hope your foot improves soon it's a shame to miss your walking .

Funoldhag said...

Would love to peek into your Christmas box and see what all you have tucked away for gifts. Those doilies are certainly so pretty. Hope your foot gets better soon so that you can take your walks. Have a fun weekend!! Carol

Terry said...

Your little doilies are so cute! I used to walk with a friend many years ago. I miss it too.

Margarita said...

Your doilies are lovely, the crochet sets them off nicely. You look so happy walking with your neighbour, hope that foot is better soon.
I cant wait to see what you do with all those bits, I have piles of them too. Hugs

Blanca D said...


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
These pieces are gorgeous!
Oh dear, I hope your foot gets better real soon-ouch, cortisone injections are painful.
Take care of yourself,

barb's creations said...

Love the doilies Vicki and the crocheted edges just finishes them of beautifully,might have to make a couple too.
You and your surprises! lol looks like you've been very busy lastely.Hope your foot feels better real soon :) Barb.

Karen said...

I like those doilies. Something different to do with fabric. You are getting well prepared for the holiday season.


Yes I just love the hat---sorry you are having alot of trouble with the foot-hope it does get well soon!!!
the little dollies are sooo cute too!!
Hugs, Di

Bonniedoo said...

Cool doilies!....I will have to do some. btw what is 'cold' in Melbourne? I live in Canada where cold is -30C and thankfully it is coing into summer now and we are nice and warm!

alice said...

Your doilies are so cute. I wish I could crochet!!!! It is really hot here, so I envy you. Too hot for walking! I hope your foot feels better so you can enjoy the weather. L,A-

Micki said...

I love your doilies...can you tell me how you did the edging? I would love to try it out!

shelia said...

oh gosh...i love those doilies! So pretty.

Jude said...

i like the crochet edges on the doilies and I hope your foot is feeling better now and doesn`t stop you from sewing.

Pauline said...

HI the doilies..they are very cute. I miss walking so much..(my feet dont co operate either)so I ride my bike now..which is fun...took a while cold down here too..but ya get that in winter..
just been over your way for a was nothing special when we were stuck in the long term carpark with flat battery for 2