Friday, 30 January 2009

Noah's Ark Update

I said before I am doing the monthly Noah's Ark stitcheries, here are some more blocks that I have done.

4 Kangaroos 5 Elephants 6 Noah and Giraffes 8 Tortoise and Birds

7 Rainbow for some reason the threads don't cover the pen completely and I am not fretting about it as I think it will come out in the wash ...well I am hoping it will. I have to print out the next 3 so I can get to and stitch them. I am stitching them all on a piece of calico and will cut them out after and put the borders on them. I am doing them like this as it is easier to put a big piece of calico in the hoop. Plus its exciting to cut them out after I have done them all.

Hugs to all


5 lovely people said....:

rozhearts said...

Hi Vicki,
Thank you so much for your comments on my blog it is very exciting to think that I have other viewers other than my 2 daughters Danielle and Sheree who also have blogs.
The door cushions are the 2 articles in the front of the photo. They have elastic on either side of the cushion one elastic circle goes around the front door handle the other to the back handle if that makes sense supposed to stop the door slamming shut. I gave one to my daughter Danielle so will get her to take a photo and post it to her blog. Her name is on the side bar on my blog under the name "Danielle."
I love the blocks that you are doing they look very involved a lot of work on each one.
Again thanks (((HUGS))) Roz.

princess pudge said...

gosh vickster, they look great! i've had so much going on that i haven't gotten back to mine *blush*

Lynda said...

Your Noah's Ark blocks look great Vicki - I'm a bit behind (have finished up to the elephants). Thanks for leaving me a message - I'll be so happy when those quilts are finished - time to play with some different fabrics.

clare said...

Vicki they look fabulous ! I have to find out your trick of making 34 hours in a day .
clares craftroom

MissyMack said...

Oh I love your blocks! I printed out the first pattern weeks ago, but just haven't got there yet! :(