Monday, 28 December 2009

Just thought I would show you…..

Hello all you lovely friends out there in blog land :)

How are you after your Christmas? I am well and actually feeling rather fat….ate too much but what the heck…it is Christmas :)

I missed my kids and grandkids as they are in Western Australia and I am here in Melbourne, but we chatted on the phone for ages so that was good.

I was spoilt with lots of goodies and not only from family members but from the Craft Forum and also the gorgeous Gum Nuts sisters.

I will show you things I got in a later post but I just wanted to show you my old enamel jugs and some of my old tins.




I love collecting these and I still have some packed away in boxes because there just isn’t anywhere to put them in our house.


I dont know if I told you or not but I got a Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. I got the Wii Fit a couple of weeks before Christmas because my husband wanted to make sure it worked right hehehehe. I didn't mind as I wanted to try it out too. If you ever get the chance to get one then go for it …..they are great :)


Now that Christmas is all over I can now concentrate on next year. I am having a monthly BOM, I have started it and am excited at how it is turning out. I will have the first block available for download on the 1st January 2010 so I hope you like it too.

There is appliqué, needle turn and embroidery in the blocks, so something for everyone. Also the blocks are different sizes to add interest.

Here is a sneak peek…just for you :)



Join me in creating these fun BOMs so check back on the 1st January 2010 and there after on the 1st of each month until the last one on June 1st 2010. All up there will be 6.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you

Hugs To all……Vicki

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Wishes to you all 2009



I don't know if I will be able to do a message on here until after Christmas. So I want to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful Creative New Year.

I hope that you all travel safely to your destinations and come back home all safe and sound.

Baby Jesus

I also hope that you all get spoilt with lots of goodies


and you don't get any weight on from eating all the yummy foods.

Thank you for a wonderful year of blogging and I have treasured and enjoyed talking with you all and making new friends. You all are very special to me. :)

Hugs to all……Vicki

Thursday, 17 December 2009

I like the postie….

It’s great when the postie comes and delivers some goodies isn’t it? I was very lucky to receive a gorgeous giveaway from Buderim Patchwork and I thank Andrea very much for the lovely goodies. I love it all and look forward to making the bag and the gorgeous quilt too.

Giveaway from Buderim Patchwork


I am still doing some Christmas sewing but I think over the next couple of days I should have it all complete. I better not show you because the recipients of the pressies might read the post and see what they are going to get. So will show you after Christmas. I think there is going to be lots and lots of pictures in blog land of everyone’s things they made for others. It’s exciting! Not long now…8 sleeps!!!


Did I tell you I have got a Wii Fit? Well I have and I love it. I have the board and I know for Christmas I am getting the Wii Fit Plus and I reckon in 6 months I am going to be trim, taut and terrific!! Ha…either that or worn out and haggard! But seriously, it is good :)

Hugs to all…….Vicki

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


How are you all going? I am creating things here and my stitching fingers are getting a bit sore. But they will survive!!

Have you been over to the Among the Gum Trees blog and got the gorgeous designs and patterns and ideas for Christmas?

I made this cute design for you all so that Santa wouldn’t forget to stop at your house.


I was amazed at myself with this one as I got the idea in my head and then within a day I had it all sewn up. So two days ‘work’ all up.

Also Susan from over at SewSue has done this already and how gorgeous it is! Well done Susan…I love it with the beads.



Jenny has been busy too and created these gorgeous Dancing Trees…wow…love it!

three trees dancing

So pop on over to the Among the Gum Trees blog and grab these patterns….they’re Free!!


I have been very faithful in doing this BOM of Debbie Mumm’s. I loved the colours that she chose and I tried doing mine in similar colours.

I have yet to put batting and backing and quilt it but I thought I would show you.

Natural Wonders Quilt 2009 (2)


It’s not long until Christmas now and I have posted my pressies to all the family and have a couple more to sort out.

How’s it all coming along for you? Hope things are running smoothly for you.

hugs to all……Vicki

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Excitement and news.

Hi everyone…I have been a bit quiet as I have been busy sewing some special things for Christmas. I better not show you as who they are intended for might pop in and see their surprise.


I have had my profile published in Simply Patchwork and Stitching


and am so thrilled at what Katy did. It’s a 4 page spread…Wow…didn't think it would be that much. I am excited to the hilt!



There’s even some pictures of what’s going to be published. One day I will learn how to take good photos of things.

Another exciting thing is my good friend Jenny has her gorgeous design published in it also. She made the front cover with her design. Way to go Jen :)


Have you been having a look at the Among The Gum Tree’s blog each day? There are links to some fabulous Christmas things to read about and make and all sorts. I have got a surprise for Saturday and I have been busy with it the last few days…so keep an eye out for it on Saturday.

But check everyday as its Christmas Advent time right up until Christmas :)Sooo exciting! So much to see so make sure you have your cuppa ready to sip while you browse.


I always get a great thrill when one of you lovely ladies email me with piccies of what you have made of my designs. It really is a delight and to think that what I designed appealed enough for anyone to make is a big thrill and very humbling.

Here is what Joyce made, two of my bags I had published in Down Under Quilts.

Joyce's Bags 

Love ‘em Joyce!

Also Bronny has been flat out making up lots and lots of the Christmas Door Stops.

I think she might have had a production line going…hehehe

aren't they just fabulous?


nov 15 004


I hope you all are having a great time sewing your Christmas goodies …Before we know it Christmas will be behind us and we will have to think about lots of other good things to sew.

Hugs to all…..Vicki

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Finally the knots are done!

I have finished this block which is block number Eight by Amanda Brooke and so that means I have got six more to do. Mmmm….I will get there! Anyway I wanted to show you my finished block.


Its a huge block and let’s just say I am glad its done. This block is from the Breast of Friends BOM in Homespun.


Have you seen Fiona’s gorgeous apron she designed? It’s over on the Among the Gum Trees blog for you to download and make one up. It’s this weeks Freebie.


Have a look at Fiona’s blog too as she is having a great giveaway too!


Speaking of giveaways…you got to have a look at Robyns blog Daisy Quilts and see her giveaway too…

You can choose to win one of three prizes.

Here is one of them…

Item 2[3]

So that’s about it from me today…

I hope you all have had a hug and given a hug and if you haven't then here is one from me (((HUGS))) to all….Vicki

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Quick Christmas FQ Swap Update

I was going thru my list of who has sent and received and was wondering how everyone is getting on with this swap. I have put up a list and if you have sent and received your swap gift you will have a (Sent) (Received) next to your name. And your name will be in purple as well.


Each line is partnered.

Can you please let me know if you have sent and received so I can keep things up to date. So far there has been some very happy swappers and some gorgeous FQ, buttons and ribbons sent around the world.


Of course all those who were emailed by Jenny will have to let Jenny know what is happening.

Email me by clicking on my Email Me at the top right hand corner and let me know what is happening. Hope there isn't too many mail disruptions.

Hugs to all……Vicki

What an awesome giveaway is going on over at.....

Buderim Patchwork blog...Wow!!!....there is lots of goodies and so pop on over and have a look and have a read of the blog as you will love it.

Oh make yourself a coffee or cuppa will need it. Its a truly awesome blog.
There’s these fabulous goodies in the giveaway....

IMGP8986_JPG BP BLOG_jpg_s

IMGP8989_JPG BP BLOG_jpg POST_jpg_s

IMGP9011_JPG BP BLOG_jpg_s

Plus lots more….!!


A couple of weeks ago, there was a guessing game going on at Buderim Patchwork’s blog and I was one of the lucky guessers!! So I won the most gorgeous apron and thank you so much Andrea for the apron. I love it!!

Andrea made this for me!



I will be the Bell of the Kitchen now :)

So go on…..get your cuppa and go and visit Buderim Patchwork. I would love to be living near them so I could go to their fair they are having soon too.

hugs to all……..Vicki

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Christmas Cake Recipe and other things.


A few of you have asked me to share the recipe for my Christmas Cake I made and so here it is. I got it from The Australian Women’s Weekly New Cookbook. I might add this isn't a new cookbook as I got this recipe book given to me for my birthday back in 1979. That makes the book 40 years old!! Is that vintage now? Anyway…the recipe -

It’s called Celebration Cake and it was easier to have it as a pdf for you all to download. Just click HERE and you can download it.


Quite a lot of the times I write up a post for here on my blog I use Windows Live Writer. It is so good as it lets you edit your post and lets you use what ever font you want and also you can place your pictures ever how you want. Even have them copyrighted and on an angle and have shadows behind them etc etc. Just go to and have a read and follow the prompts. You will need to download it and install it onto your computer.

You will be able to do a draft of a post for your blog and come back to it the next day and edit it or what ever and then publish it to your blog.

Have fun


I was lucky enough to win one of Gail’s giveaways she had….It was a couple of gorgeous doily's and I love them!!

short oval runner

Thank you Gail.


My PIF’s have been sent and received. Here is what I sent to Dawn.

PIF to Dawn Hay

And here is what I sent to Jeanette

PIF to Jeanette Orr

So they are done for this year.


We are having some lovely rain here today and its wonderful for all my herbs and tomato plants which are growing great. I transplanted the little tomato plants the grew from the half a tomato and they are now in their new pots.

The half of a tomato was completely gone!! I couldn't believe it.

So now its wait until they grow bigger and produce yummy tomatoes.

Have a great day and Hugs to all……..Vicki

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Lots and lots of knots!

I have been driving myself mad with all these knots! Knot after knot….Colonial knots :) Actually I love doing them and when Amanda Brook’s Breast of Friends block was in the Homespun magazine I immediately said …Yes I will do these and not replace it with appliqué.


Look at them all!!


I was supposed to use three strands of thread but didn't read the destructions properly and used two…so of course that meant more knots.

Oh well…I have finished it now and so its onto the rest of the block now and then I can put on the borders and get onto the rest of the blocks.

I want to get this BOM done as there is a new one to come out in Homespun in January...


I finally got from the mail man my parcel from USA with all my *hang on I got to get my bib* fabrics. I am drooling once again…I love getting parcels in the post even if it is if I bought it myself.

Wanna drool with me?




My DH (Dear Husband) asked me if I was going to make something out of these…But of course!! hehehe don't know when, but I will eventually make some delicious things. For now its just look and touch and enjoy.


I got some of them for my Dear Jane quilt I am doing…and must get back into doing some more blocks as its been awhile since I have sewn any.

I have done 20 blocks, so only 205 to go….Not many….Mmmm…

But I am beginning to get some lovely fabrics for it tho as I want to try to do it the same colours and theme as Jane Stickle.


Have you been over to Among the Gum Trees blog to see what my sweet Gumnut sister Vikki from Sew Useful Designs is having for the Freebie?? it’s so cute and you just gotta go over and have a look and download the pattern and make it.

Vikki is also having a giveaway on her blog with her two new deisgns…wow…they are awesome!

Red Robin kisses copyright[3]



I hope you all are having a wonderful time sewing and doing your thing.

Hugs to all….Vicki

PS….I made our Christmas Cake today and it has heaps of fruit in it and Brandy!! Mmmmm….smells wonderful! I love this one as it will keep for over 2 months.

When it has cooled down I will take a photo of it for you all.

Friday, 13 November 2009

I’ve been busy with some swaps.

The last few months have been busy with sending and receiving swaps. On the Craft Forum we all join in the different swaps and have fun sending things here there and everywhere.

First of all we are doing a Framed Hexagon swap which everyone who is in it are loving it and cant wait for the next month to do the next one and get it off to their partner and receive one of course.

1 - From DebsW

I got this one from DebsW

1 - To DebsW

and I sent this one to her.

I got these two from Ondrea

2 - From Ondrea

she couldn’t resist the one with the Ambulance as that was around the time when I had my broken wrist and had to be taken to the hospital in one.

2 - To Ondrea

I had to send Ondrea this one as she loves that Champers. heheheh…

 3 - From Linda 3 - To Linda

The first one Linda sent me and the one with the Rose I sent to her.

4 - From Suziewong

MMm…Love the chokky

…this one I got from Suziewong and I sent her this one..

4 - To Suziewong

and last but not least this is the one I have not long sent to Barb

5 - To Barbara Graham

We all plan to put them together when we have swapped 9 or 12 and either do a wall hanger or a table runner or something along those lines. Its going to be good to see them all sewn together as we have all asked for our own themes.


Next lot of gifts we all swapped are

Bookmarks from Iris Joy Fechner

Bookmarks! Iris sent me these gorgeous ones and I sent her this one.

For Iris Joy Fechner


Then a few of us decided to have a Table Runner swap…

this is what Domac sent me…

from Domac

and this is what I sent her…

Table Runner for Norma

Told ya I’ve been busy…now I know why I haven't blogged much lately…

Plus…..I am finally able to show you what I sent to my Stitchers Angel as I have heard from her saying she has received it and loves it all. She is in Brazil!

Stitchers Angel swap (2)


Also I finally finished making and putting together my parcels for my PIF ladies.

So Jeanette and Dawn I posted them today so keep an eye out for the postie next week as he will have your parcels…hope you both like them.


So ….wow….that's a long post today. I do hope you all are having lots of sewing fun and today was the day to finally get your Quick Christmas Swap off to your partner….I posted mine this morning, so its winging its way to Sweden to Louise now.

What fun things have you been up to lately?

Hugs to all…….Vicki