Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Been having some fun……

I have been honoured in having my project published in Jenny’s magazine. I am really  excited about it and I hope all who purchase her magazine like my design also. I had lots of fun sewing it and love how its the right size for holding all my vintage hankies that I love to collect.

For Treasured Memories (2)

For Treasured Memories (1)

 Jenny’s magazine is fabulous value for the money and she always has lots of lovely patterns in it. It’s only $4.00 per issue in pdf format! This issue is No. 14….gosh she has been busy….I don’t know how she does it.

The next 8 issues Jenny is giving tutorials on how to sew her "A Christmas Story" quilt! This is a really lovely quilt and you can’t miss it. Pop on over to her Elefantz Home blog and subscribe to her lovely magazine. You wont regret it.


So what have I been up to….Hmmm….Well I am madly sewing up a quilt at the moment… this one is called Spin City  by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. I am doing mine in earthy country colours and I am loving sewing it. So quick and easy.



Over at Janiac’s Unite blog there is lots of sewing getting done by some very talented ladies.


Have you been sewing Dear Jane blocks and have come to a standstill? Pop on over to Janiac’s Unite blog and become a member if you want to post your progress with your blocks. It’s a great way to be encouraged and encourage others with the Dear Jane blocks for the quilt.

I actually got three done this month. Gee….still a long way to go but I have told myself it will be a long time progress. No chance of being bored that’s for sure.


My online store is still being attended to and will be back up and running very soon.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week and not being bored… Hugs to all……



8 lovely people said....:

Anonymous said...

that is a great idea Vickie and also very cute.xx

secondhandrose said...

Your hankie holder is really pretty.
Look forward to seeing the spin quilt when it is done.
Off to look at Janiacs Unite. I have the book but haven't started the quilt yet. Sigh! One day!

Shirlwin said...

The hankie holder is lovely:) Await piccies of the spin quilt as it looks interesting.

KaHolly said...

Hi, Vicki! What a cute idea!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I LOVED having you feature in my magazine, hon!! xxxx
You know, I'd love to make the Dear Jane quilt, but as I still have the Farmer's Wife quilt book and not a single block to show for it, I guess I'll just wait and enjoy seeing yours when it's finished. :-)
Have fun, sweetie!!

Allie said...

I love your pattern in Jenny's magazine, Vicki!!!

Marilyn said...

That is just the prettiest handkerchief holder Vicki. Ooh Dear Jane, how I have neglected you. I will be back !!!
Spin quilt looks gorgeous.

LynCC said...

How fun to be in a magazine! :) It's a really sweet project, for sure.