Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A different take on my Table Centre Mat


I released this Table Centre Mat pattern at Stitching In Tassie and the girls all loved it…I too enjoyed sewing it as it is mostly done by hand.

for pattern1

I enjoyed it so much I decided to make it again. This time I didn’t do the stitchery in the centre but made a little hexagon flower and of course used different fabrics. The big red flowers I cut out using my Go! Baby and then machine appliqued them onto the Table Centre Mat using a blanket stitch.


It was so much fun and I am thinking there are other possibilities with this design….not just a table centre mat.

around we go (1) (Medium)

It was a bit hard to get the colours to come thru as to how they really are but you get the idea.

around we go (5) (Medium)

I really found using my Go! Baby a big plus and this made making those flowers so quick and easy. Gotta love that Go! Baby.

The pattern for the very top one will be available in my store very soon.


I told everyone that I was going to go to Sherwood Forrest today with my In-laws and their niece who is visiting from Czech. Ha ha ha…..it wasn’t Sherwood Forrest at all…damn…..I missed out on seeing Robin and his band of merry men…..but we went to Sherbrook Forrest!

Had a great drive up into the hills and explored places and took a few photos and had a lovely lunch there as well.

We fed the cockatoos and they weren't shy in sitting on me. Scratched the heck out of my arm lol. Was fun tho and I might add they aren't light birds……they are quite heavy.

Trip to Dandelongs 003 (Medium)

I hope you all had a nice day too and no matter what you did, you found it to be special.

Hugs to all…..


12 lovely people said....:

By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh dear, no robin Hood and no Little John eh? Your littlew play on words reminded me of 'Sh**loads' the shop Fee took us to, hehe.
You know I really like that version of your table topper, actually I think it might be just as nice if not nicer - you are one smart cookie.
huge hugs to you xxx

De said...

Love it!

Shame your band of merry men werent at the forest you went to! LOL - glad you had a good day anyway!

Fiona said...

Both versions are lovely... pity about the forest - you would have been great as a Maid Marion/Vicki

Quilt Kitty said...

No men in tights running around that forrest! Great Table Centre Mats - I have a round table & find making something to suit a bit daunting. I would so much love a Go Baby, my manual cutting of shapes is not very uniform or fast. Tracee xx

simplestitches said...

love both versions of your table topper

SameliasMum said...

No men in tights? Hang on, men in tights wouldn't necessarily be a good thing now would it? Love your table topper. The fabrics in the top one are gorgeous!!

Teresa said...

I love the table mat and want the pattern as soon as you have it available. Enjoyed reading through your past blogs, have gotten behind in my blog reading and writing.

Carrie P. said...

both Table toppers are just so pretty.

KaHolly said...

They are both beautiful!! Such possibilities! Glad you had fun in the forest.

Ondrea said...

Love the pic of you 2 birds! Hehehe.

The table mat is really nice Vicki. Particularly love the hexie in the middle idea.

Liz said...

The colors in thetable mats are lovely. I particularly like the autumn tones. Glad you are having fun with your Go-Baby. The birds are adorable,they can do some damage tho.

Sue said...

Love the fabric in the 2nd table mat that you made, and just love the flowers too. I have that range of fabric as well, it's gorgeous! Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx