Saturday, 25 February 2012

Love my Dear Old Aunt

There comes a time in your life when ‘things’ are just not wanted or needed anymore.

I was thinking that all the things I treasure from what were my Mum’s and my other special people in my life will all be just ‘things’ once I am gone. They are very special to me but to anyone else they are just ‘things’. Too sad.

My Dear Old Aunt of 96 years young is now in a nursing home because that is where her immediate family decided its best for her. She can hardly move and forgets a lot. Her house needed to be cleaned out and I was asked if I wanted anything of hers.

I went to her house with a heavy heart because I know all the ‘things’ in there were treasured by my Dear Old Aunt. They aren’t anything valuable but they are lovely and as none of the other immediate family wanted these items I grabbed them.

salt and pepper shakers (2)

I fell in love with these Pink and White Polka Dotted Salt and Pepper shakers and these little white ones as well.

salt and pepper shakers (1)

My Dear Old Aunt treasured these little bowls because they were in the glass front cupboard that she had in her lounge to house all her things she loved and thought were special.

I love this little apple bowl and when I have people over for scones and jam, I will put jam in it for them to have jam from.

relish or jam bowls (2)

and this delightful capsicum bowl will be great to have my Tomato Relish that I made last month.

relish or jam bowls (1) 

They aren’t valuable things but to me they remind me of my Dear Old Aunt.

She had several vintage sheets packed away too and after seeing people in blog land at how proud they were to find some in the op-shops, I knew I had to bring them home too.

vintage sheets

I love them and might make a quilt from them one day…..might just leave them stacked up and just look at them too.

Thanks dear Auntie…..I love you and miss seeing you at your house.


It would have been my son Dylan’s birthday tomorrow…..he would have been 36 years old.

Happy Birthday Dylan….I love you and miss you lots.

Hugs to all……


24 lovely people said....:

Joy said...

Vicki your treasures are just lovely, and I'm sure your dear Aunt would be delighted that they will continue to give such great pleasure.
I'm sending hugs to you my dear friend for Dylan's Birthday tomorrow .... he's shining down on you from Heaven with all his love.
Love n hugs,
Joy :o) xxxxx

Fiona said...

Hi Vicki - it is so nice that you are going to love some of your aunts treasures.... big hugs for tommorrow...

Suedio said...

That little apple bowl is the cutest thing I've seen in a while! I've been gifted some treasures from my great aunt over the years. Like yours they aren't worth much ($ wise) but are pretty precious to me. I love using them and think of my aunt when I do.

Birthdays can end up being just numbers, but love is forever. Hope tomorrow brings you memories of that love . . .

Regards, Sue

By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh Vicki, life takes and gives and all are treasures. Your Aunts treasures will give you so much joy, and the polka dot shakers are more than welcome to come for an overseas holiday - they are really groovy *smiling*.
Smile tomorrow, Dylan would want that I'm sure and I'll give you a huge hug real soon xx

Marilyn said...

Such gorgeous treasures of your Aunt. It is good to see they will continue to be treasures of yours now. The little apple dish is gorgeous.
Hugs for tomorrow for Dylan's birthday, take a moment to do something special because you will never stop loving him, so celebrate for him.
Big hugs xx

Jeanette said...

Your treasures are beautiful. Lots of hugs for tomorrow. Hugs,

barb's creations said...

What specail memories you will have with those precious things of your Dear Old Aunt.
((((HUGS))) for tomorrow,take care :) Barb.

Fiona said...

Love your treasures Vic - She will loe that you are yreasuring them. Big Hugs for tomorrow sweetie.

Hugs - Fee X

Liz said...

The treasures are gorgeous as I am sure the wonderful memories are.The Aple jam jar is amazing,I love that.
Hugs for tomorrow. I know it will be a difficult day.((()))

shez said...

What wonderful precious treasures Vicki and hugs and kisses for tom orrow.xx

miss~nance said...

How nice for you to have treasures from your dear aunt.

Lots of hugs for tomorrow (((((((((((()))))))))))))))

HUgs & Blessings


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Beautiful treasures. That apple bowl is very special. Hugs for you today and tomorrow xx

clare's craftroom said...

Oh Vicki your lovely old Aunt . Your post bought a tear to my eye . Take care tomorrow and please accept an early hug from me and know I will be thinking of you xxxx

Pauline said...

love your treasures vicki...I know I have the apple and the capsicum somewhere in a box here that was my thinking of you tomorrow..cheers

Ondrea said...

Vicki, it is so nice to know that someone is so appreciative of the smaller things in life that others treasure. Your aunt will be grateful that they were not simply thrown out and have gone to someone she loves dearly.

Many angel hugs to you tomorrow .

Shirlwin said...

The apple bowl is a real treasure, as is the capsicum bowl and all will keep your dear Aunt in the forefront of your mind. Old age is sad.
(((((for tomorrow Vicki))))

Graciela said...

Hi Vicky sweet post!!!

Gene Black said...

I love your treasures. I can see them as treasures without knowing Dear Old Aunt.
Those sheets are a real treasure too. Mmmm they are luscious.

Peace be with you on Dylan's birthday.

LintLady said...

HI Vicky,
I know those sentimenatl feelings.
(My Mum passed away just 8 month ago.)
There will be times when you remember your loves once just by seeing the nice "things" and missing them a lot, too, but all that counts are the nice and good memories.
Enjoy them.
Hugs Doris

Allie said...

(((((Vicki))))) I was just thinking about that the other day, how the things I treasure from my grandmother, my boys don't even look twice at. I hope someday they'll be important reminders of ME to them. The treasures your picked from your aunt's home are beautiful, and will keep those memories in your heart every time you use or look at them.

Big, big hugs to you on Dylan's birthday, sweetheart....

quilt happy said...

i have 2 that have gone on and their birthday months still upset me. all month long

Jo in TAS said...

I think it's lovely that you could have some of your Aunts treasures, love that apple!
Hope today was full of lots of sweet memories of your dear boy.

Alice said...

Your treasures are sweet! Those pink salt and pepper shakers are too cute!!!
Thinking about you on such a special day.

Jan Quigley said...