Thursday, 27 January 2011

Just sneaking in a bit of a look

How are you going with Dawn’s and my Out Of The Box – BOM?

Out Of The Box BOM 2011

There are some gorgeous blocks up in Flickr and its great to see how everyone is doing their own thing and getting one or two of mine and mixing them with a couple of Dawns.

Go HERE to have a look at all the different ways everyone is doing their blocks.

They are looking really good and the colour choices are fabulous too.

Here is a sneak peek at Block 2.

snippets of BOM (2) (Medium)

This block will be available for you all to download on February 1st 2011.

Block 1

1 Blocks One

is still available for download and you can get it HERE.

Make sure you show everyone your block by putting them up in the Flickr group and have fun putting them together.

Dawn and I are going to have a bit of fun in a few weeks so make sure you get yours done.

Hugs to all……Vicki

6 lovely people said....:

clare's craftroom said...

Lovely Vicki , gorgeous fabrics !

Barb said...

Sooo cute!!

Penny said...

Can't wait! It's getting better :)

Graciela said...

Thanks Vicky, have a nice weekend, kisses for you

Allie said...

You're a tease too, lol!! I have to pick out my fabrics yet, can't pick floss colors without doing that. Thanks to my friend Cyndi, I can now find some pretty fabric for these!

Doris said...

Hi Vicki, just trying to choose some fabrics for this. Have I got it right that if I do all of yours and Dawn's I'll have 18 blocks total?