Thursday, 7 October 2010

We are in the air!

We are…. really….I set Windows Live Writer to publish the previous post before at 9pm on Monday night…and it did it!! So I thought I would have one ready to go when we are up in the air on our way to Perth!

We left Melbourne Airport at 6.10am and we are due to arrive in Perth at 7.35am. Wish it was only just over an hours flight but we are going to be going ahead of time..


I found these the other day and forgot I had them….

Friends forever cushion

What do you think about these cushion covers? I think I will take the centres out and put them in new surrounds as now I just don't like the brown and green fabrics. Yukk!!

I Love Cats cushionSisters 4 ever cushion

How do you think I should do them?

With pieced borders or just Log Cabin type borders or ruffles or lace or what? I painted the centre parts a while ago and just didn't get around to doing anything with them.

They have been sitting in my cupboard for a couple of years and now they are yelling out to me…..fix me fix me!!

So when I come back from WA, I will do something with them and perhaps make them look pretty special. But I do know the brown and green are going!

I will still be able to hop around every ones blogs because I am taking my laptop with me but I just wont be doing much sewing…only the hexie shapes.

So next time I talk to you all will be in WA. \o/ \o/ <—me doing the happy dance :)

Hugs to all……..Vicki Purple Flowers  

15 lovely people said....:

Susan said...

Isn't technology a wonderful thing (sometmes anyway). I hope you have a fab time in Perth and everything goes well with the wedding. (And that there are no hiccups with the flights considering what has been happening lately . . )
re the squares - maybe a blue/yellow/mustard them - I like the idea of a log cabin type of thing - depending on how big you want them to be!
Happy hexing!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Vicki! I got such a surprise to see your latest blog! :-)
It is 9.35 here atm so I guess you will be there in about an hour? Much Excitement!!! Have the BESTEST time! hugs, sandy.

Graciela said...

HI Vicky!!!! que tengas un hermoso viaje, y disfrutes mucho
enjoy, and kisses for you

BJ said...

Isn't it funny how our tastes change over the years? I find that true with patterns that I loved, or didn't like, and as time passed I changed my mind on both. I think some of these would be great pillows, others fun wall hanging quilts. There are such fun colors in them that you could focus on one or two along with a pop of white or ecru. I think I'd add some paw prints or buttons to the borders as well. I know you will come up with wonderful solutions.
Have a great trip.

Allie said...

Woohooo - enjoy! You PAINTED those cushion covers? Wow sweetie those are gorgeous! Must agree about the green and brown, doesn't do a thing for the centers. I do like the idea of a log cabin-ish border!

Barb said...

have fun!!!!

Kirie said...

Wish you a great time there!
Some things need time. Like you cushion covers which were waiting for you all those years :) For me, some traditional country style fits to the painting.
Well, time to go to work.
Till next time.

Pam said...

I love those panels in your cushion covers. I think log cabin style would suit them. Look forward to seeing how they turn out.

Ozjane said...

you are the clever one...that wedding has crept up.
I love the cat quilt. would be fun to use 2" or so strips to go around it and even use cat fabric.
I could even help supply it.......LOL>
Not sure what theme or the other one. My mind is on theme's at the moment. Moggie wrote a reminder letter to Aunty Natalie and we will have a visit early next week.....LOL.

Desi said...

I just found your blog and really like it! This particular question is in regards to the laptop sleeve you made. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your pattern for that. I'm a new sewer and really like that laptop sleeve a lot!

Jude said...

lorrugI would do a log cabin thingy in bright s to make the centres really stand out. Enjoy the wedding and waiting for the piccies.

WoolenSails said...

When I make small pieces like that, I usually make them into mini quilts to hang on the wall.


Funoldhag said...

Vicki - have a wonderful time!! And do you know what? You will find something really cool to do with those darling little blocks - I have no doubt about that! Carol

Sew Useful Designs said...

Oh Vicki I bet you're having the most wonderful time!!! How did your grandies love their monster quilts???

Love the paintings - just gorgeous! I still have painted projects (on fabric) that I'm yet to do anything with!

Have a lovely time - our hexie queen!

Vikki xoxo :-)

Micki said...

Have a great trip and I do love the cushion covers!