Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Thankyou very much.

I want to thank you all for sending me very comforting and loving words in regards to my son Dylan's anniversary. I felt very blessed by all of you sending me hugs and love and kisses and you all made me cope with the day a lot better than I have ever done. I havent answered all of your lovely messages yet but I will. Thank you very much for your caring lovely words of comfort...each and every one of you :)

I got stuck into my sewing and have started a new quilt. I fell in love with this quilt the minute I saw it. Its a Thimbleberries design and called A Quilters Garden Quilt. I love it!!

This picture is from the book.......I am doing mine in very similar colours and so far I have done 3 blocks. This is the first one..and I will show you the others when I take a photo of them.

Also I got my Christmas Dresden Plate quilt back from the quilters and so I had to put the edging on it and it was done. Finally after 2 years in the making!

The quality of the photo isnt the best....
I am very pleased with how the quilt has turned out and the quilting that Nat did is just lovely. I will take a close up of that today and show you all next time I post in here.

Well thats it for me today.....oH!.....its Treasure Tuesday today....

Nearly forgot....here is a picture of my most favourite framed tapestry that my Mum did for me.

I love it and love the colours in it and it hangs in my bedroom and I will treasure it forever. If you want to join in on Treasure Tuesday go on over to Clare's blog and join in.

Hugs to all.............Vicki and thanks everyone for being there for me :)

16 lovely people said....:

Suzi-q said...

Oh I love your new project, is it foundation pieced.
Please put a closeup of your Dresdan Plate quilt as we need to have a better sticky beak and you tapestry is gorgeous, you are very lucky to have a treasure like that

Barb said...

wow...I too love that block, it looks hard.

That Dresdan plate is awesome, I know it feels so good to have it done.

Karen said...

The new Thimbleberries design you are working on is a good one. I find that the designer's directions are always good and easy to understand. And I like almost every one of her designs. You fabric choices are going to make a fine quilt.


I seem to be a day or two or three late here for some reason!!!!
I am heavy "hearted" tonight for you as I missed both your son and your Mom's posts--how heavy your heart must be---and no words can help much--sometimes I am not sure even 'time" can help us--but know that you are in my heart and thoughts and that I do feel your loss, too.
happy stitching--
Hugs,, Di

Allie said...

I'm glad you had so much support on such a hard day, Vicki. A burden shared is easier to bear.

I love your new quilt, and the one that was just quilted. The picture your mum did certainly is a treasure! I hope I can remember to do this tomorrow - still Monday here, lol!

Maria said...

Your new project is just gorgeous. Love the colours too.
Lovely Dresden Plate quilt too.
Your Mum's tapestry is beautiful treasure.

Janice said...

Your Mum's tapestry is gorgeous. I can see where you got your sewing genes from. I'm looking forward to seeing your new project progress.

BubzRugz said...

The new project looks like a fun challenge and I love the Dresden plates.
Your tapestry treasure is so pretty - what a beautiful memory from your mum. Hugz

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your Christmas Dresden is gorgeous Vicky.

Jude said...

Lovely new quilt and i like the dresdan quilt as well you must be very busy Vicki. The tapestry from your Mum is a lovely reminder of her every time you look at it.

teresa said...

Your new quilt is going to be gorgeous, I just love the colours you've chosen in your first block. Your Mums tapestry is beautiful too - Such a beautiful subject she's picked and so very special for you to have.

clare's craftroom said...

Vicki I love that tapestry , how beautiful ! Thanks so much for playing and I hope you are doing ok today .

Liz said...

Vicki---How lucky you are to have this wonderful tapestry from your mum. It certainly is a real treasure.:)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
Oh, when did you change your header? Looks great!
Wow, all those quilts in the making, you are amazing lady!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Vic, that Dresden quilt is gorgeous! I'm so pleased you finally finished it - worth the wait indeed! :-)

Teresa said...

The new quilt project looks interesting and I do love your first block. Seeing your dresden plate makes me want to do one too - oh if only I was retired.