Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Birthday and some other show and tell.

It’s my grandson’s birthday today and he is 9 years old. How special is it to be 9?


**Happy Birthday Bailey**

Lots of hugs and kisses for you :)I love you lots and lots.


My DH and I went shopping the other day and bought me a new camera. Wooo hoooo!


I love this camera and hope to have lots of wonderful photos to show everyone soon. Actually I took some photos and they turned out to be 12Gb each! Blimey..amazing.


I have done two more blocks from P. S. i Quilts block tutorial.

These are number 6 and 7 blocks. So just one more to go.

Block 6 Block 7

I am also doing blocks from a group sewing from the Craft Forum and this is the block for the month of June. I am doing it in the same fabrics as the P. S. i Quilt ones as I am going to put them all together instead of doing double of the P. S. i Quilt blocks.

June Block

the pattern for this block can be found at The Quilters Cache – I love this site.

I am still sewing the Wedding quilt for my son and am nearly finished all the appliqué. Then its to the quilters …..I will happy about that.

Happy sewing everyone….and its starting to get cold here in Melbourne….

hugs to all…….Vicki


18 lovely people said....:

lisa said...

happy birthday to your Grandson! My oldest turned 4 today! I can't belive it's been 4 years already! It must be teh 8th for you y now, but it's the 7th here (and let me tell you I was NOT about to have a 6/6/06 baby!)

Your pinwheels look good too, I keep thinking if I have some time (ha!) IU will go back and make them all too but it might not be for a while

quilterfaye said...

oh ,I LOVE that last block.Its so danty and romantic. Off to see if I can find it,
Happy Birthday Bailey!! from Canada

BJ said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! You are a very handsome fellow.
I'm drooling over your camera. How fun. It's on my someday list.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy Birthday to your grandsone, what a good looking little man...love your blocks and lucky you, new camera...


Happy B-day grandson---
I love those blocks and I love the fabrics you are using---yummmmm!!!
Have a great day--
Hugs, Di

Cubby House Crafts said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandson! I have a Canon 450D, They are great cameras...looking forward to seeing some pics

quiltinbysea said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandie, love the camera, looking forward to seeing some pics.....12gb..wow!

Jude said...

Happy birthday to Bailey and your blocks look great.I have just finished cutting mine and hope to sew it later today.

Ida13 said...

Happy birthday to your grandson!
My daughter is 5 today! Is not it interesting?

Suzi-q said...

Lovely blocks and congratulations on the new camera it looks professional

Ondrea said...

Wow! Lucky girl!!!! Love those blocks too.

Little Green Doll said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson!! Beautiful blocks!

alice said...

I love your blocks. The pinwheels are in my "I need to pick fabric" pile. I think my want to's are getting out of hand. Happy Birthday to your grandson!! L,A-

Karen's Korner said...

Happy birthday to the birthday boy.
I am looking forward to seeing your piccies taken with your new toy. Great blocks.

Shirlwin said...

9 is such a wonderful age for a boy ... Happy Birthday Bailey.
Love the camera! Very impressive.

Liz said...

happy Birthday to gs Bailey. camera looks great. Your blocks are lovely. Very neat!!!

SheilaC said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson!! The time goes by too quickly!


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
Happy 9th Birthday to your gorgeous Grandson Bailey!
Gosh, you've been a busy gal and now you have that new fandangle camera we can see all you've been up to!
Stay warm & Cozy this weekend,