Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Few little things to show you.

I thought I would show you a few lovely things I love.

This one is a gorgeous little plate my lovely Aunt gave to me. Its pretty design got me hooked straight away.


I got this from the thrift shop the other day. It said “Take me home!” So I did.


This lovely little tin my gorgeous Aunt gave me a while ago and it was full of buttons. So special!

Flower Tin

Don’t you just love all sorts of things like these? I do and would fill my house full of them if I could.


The table runner is a Hardanger one that my Mum made and gave to me awhile ago now. It’s very special to me too. I got several other ones too and I will show you them another time.

I haven’t tried to do Hardanger and maybe one day I will but at the moment I will stick to the patchwork, stitching etc.


What special little things delight you? I would love to see yours, so let me know if you put up pictures on your blog and I will pop over and have a look.

Hugs to all……..Vicki

19 lovely people said....:

Jude said...

Hi Vicki, love the plate, jug and the button tin. The table runner from your mum is quite lovely. I also like your new blog header.

soggybottomflats said...

Hi Vicki
I love English chintz! Is that gorgeous little dish James Kent DuBary? It is so pretty, as are all the other little goodies. I collect chintz and antique quilts, they give me so much pleasure. Thank you for sharing, Elaine

WoolenSails said...

I am a cat collector, so I tend to make and collect items that are cat related.


Allie said...

Oh Vicki such lovely things! I too like to fill my home with things especially from family, handed down from generations. That tablecloth especially is beautiful - not something I'd have the patience for!

Joy said...

Vicki what GAWJUS keepsakes!!! I love old china too, but I'm in love with that button tin :o)!!!
I found the one from my childhood when my darling Dad passed away several years ago, and I treasure it ... it still has some buttons threaded on wool that I did when I was tiny ... lovely memories :o).
Your blog looks so pretty too, love it :o)
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Kim D. said...

Beautiful things, Love the floral plate and little pitcher. In early December I purchased some tea cups in a thrift store to make into pin cushions. The one I've finished is a gift so I will post photo's after I give it to her.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

They are all beautiful treasures, Vicki. Love that plate, the little jug and button tin- loooove tins, have a lot:-)-one day I will take pics of the lovely aprons I have from my DM (they were my DGM's) and some other treasures. However, the hardanger, I am sure, is extra special to you! Your DM must have been so patient to do all of that lovely work!

Mona said...

The button tin was beatiful.The flowers are so beatiful. I have a lot of tin boxes. And the hardager is amasing. The little jug is lovly. Have some og theese to. have a nice day. Hugs from Norway.

Francien said...

Dont you just love those little treasures Vicky?! i always take somuch little things home that my husband starts saying when i got home: "you just have to had that...could not resist...was very of a was calling out to me...etc"...he just knows whats coming when i got home with my little treasures and gave up asking were i will put them...but i always find a place for it..
your foundies and gift are all three of them..
greetings from Holland...Francien.

Teresa said...

All are so pretty. You know, I have several things like that, some I have picked up myself, and some that were my moms or other family members and now they are mine. It can be the simplist thing that from my childhood that gives me such pleasure now.

Funoldhag said...

I have always loved pretty little things like your treasures. The hardanger your mother did is beautiful - what a sweet gift from her. How wonderful when items like these end up in the hands of people who truly appreciate them. Enjoy, Vicki. Carol

KaHolly said...

It's so grand to delight in little things! Thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

What can I say, I think your aunt and I have the same taste, grin, and I love pitcher, but then I loved your pitchers, teapots on your shelf too, sigh, yes I am a Victorian person.
Your mom's hardanger is beautiful, you are certainly blessed. BarbM

allsewnup said...

What a lovely collection of treasures.


moramargaritaster said...

Such a lovely things.
I love the button tin.

Warm wishes.

Barb said...

You showed everything that I love. I can not wait to get my stuff out of storage when I return to the US, I have so much to thanks for sharing your items.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Beautiful things, Vicki...and I also want to learn Hardanger one day.
I love to collect old plates and glasses with gold trim...memories of ages past when life was simpler and more treasured.

teresa said...

Gorgeous Vicki. I just love these beautiful things. I had a few purchases on Friday at the Toowoomba Swap Meet too. Have a look at what I posted today though....xx

clare's craftroom said...

What gorgeous things Vicki .