Sunday, 22 November 2009

Christmas Cake Recipe and other things.


A few of you have asked me to share the recipe for my Christmas Cake I made and so here it is. I got it from The Australian Women’s Weekly New Cookbook. I might add this isn't a new cookbook as I got this recipe book given to me for my birthday back in 1979. That makes the book 40 years old!! Is that vintage now? Anyway…the recipe -

It’s called Celebration Cake and it was easier to have it as a pdf for you all to download. Just click HERE and you can download it.


Quite a lot of the times I write up a post for here on my blog I use Windows Live Writer. It is so good as it lets you edit your post and lets you use what ever font you want and also you can place your pictures ever how you want. Even have them copyrighted and on an angle and have shadows behind them etc etc. Just go to and have a read and follow the prompts. You will need to download it and install it onto your computer.

You will be able to do a draft of a post for your blog and come back to it the next day and edit it or what ever and then publish it to your blog.

Have fun


I was lucky enough to win one of Gail’s giveaways she had….It was a couple of gorgeous doily's and I love them!!

short oval runner

Thank you Gail.


My PIF’s have been sent and received. Here is what I sent to Dawn.

PIF to Dawn Hay

And here is what I sent to Jeanette

PIF to Jeanette Orr

So they are done for this year.


We are having some lovely rain here today and its wonderful for all my herbs and tomato plants which are growing great. I transplanted the little tomato plants the grew from the half a tomato and they are now in their new pots.

The half of a tomato was completely gone!! I couldn't believe it.

So now its wait until they grow bigger and produce yummy tomatoes.

Have a great day and Hugs to all……..Vicki

11 lovely people said....:

Loralynn said...

Thanks for the heads up on windows writer! I am constanly having to fix my blog posts since they never match what the look like in the blogger creator! This will really come in handy!

Deb said...

That windows live writer is fabulous Vicki, thanks for the info about it. Wouldn't blog with anything else now.

Valerie said...

Thanks for all that info. I will check it out! Going now to check out that cake!

Allie said...

Thanks for the recipe Vicki! Love the gifts you sent, so pretty - and love the doilies you got!
And I do have a question for you - any idea how Live Writer works with Flickr pics? I like that folks can click a pic and it takes them to my flickr page.
I'll check it out - I'm very resistant to new technology, but I'll put my big girl pants on and give it a go!

Gloria J W said...

Thanks Vicki for the Live Writer into. I get all my pics ready and then they don't look like how I thought they should!! Now I won't have any excuses! This learning process is all good for the brain cells. Rainbow smiles... Gloria

Annie said...

Thanks for the info on live writer. I just blogged for the first time using it and it was so much easier.You are not just crafty but clever too. Thanks

Joy said...

Thanks for the info Vic, I'm off to have a go with the Windows Live writer :o)!! How funny, that's the same recipe I use for my Chrissy cake too ... although I have to admit, I haven't made it for a loooong time - now that you've reminded me about it I'm going to get the ingredients to make one :o).
Lucky you getting some rain ... hope some of it heads up here ;o)!!
Big hugs & love,
Joy :o)

clare's craftroom said...

Thanks Vicki , even I can't muck up a Womens Weekly recipe !

Dawn said...

Yummy sounding cake .... might have to do meself one for chrissy... thanks.... and a BIG THANKS for the PIF gifts... I just enjoyed the yummy hot mocha... yummo.... and enjoyed visiting you after my busiest weekend....
Hugs Dawn x x

Wendy B said...

Thanks Vicki.....I feel a change coming on......Live Writer might be just the thing.....not totally happy with only having 6 fonts and limited ability with current writer....thanks for the info....very helpful!!! I'm glad the weather's been a bit kinder to you! 1979???....that wasn't THAT long ago!!!!!!!!....was it?????
thanks for the recipe too....yum!
sugary hugs XXX 'o)

teresa said...

Thanks Vicki for the live writer info.. will definitely give it a go. Thanks also for the yummy cake recipe...must start my Christmas baking before it's too late. Love your doilies and your PIFs - you are amazing as usual.