Monday, 1 June 2009

To Sew A Hemmed Shape

If you are going to decorate your centre Shape do so at this stage.

1. After cutting out the two shapes onto template plastic, cut the fabric out.


3. Lay the large shape rightside down onto surface.

4. Lay decorated small shape wrongside onto the large shape.


5. Start pinning the edges over by turning 1/4 inch over then over 1/4 inch again and pin into place.


6. Turn all the edges over and pin into place.



7. Using contrasting thread to match the large shape and stitch the edge with a hemming/invisible stitch all the way around the hem edge.

8. Lightly press the shape.


4 lovely people said....:

shopperdeb24 said...

thanks for this tutorial Tozz - I've signed up foir the swap now! :)

Debs said...

Thanks Vicki. You have me thinking about this swap now. Might go back and read the thread again on the forum.

Carol in E TN said...

I believe these blocks are 8 sided and would be called octagons and not hexagons! Darling quilt never the less.

Miss Nancy said...

Great tutorial! I am just now getting to it. Better late than never. Thank you for sharing your talents.