Monday, 22 June 2009

This should fix the error message on blogs.

I had a flash back to the good ol' days of using DOS to program computers.

This is what fixed it for me.
Step 1:-
Open up Internet ExplorerClick on Tools on the menu barthen click on Internet Options
then click on Security
then click on Trusted Sites
then click on Sites
then type in http://* into the bar under the Add this website to the zone:
then click Add button
then click Close
then click either Apply or OK
Step 2:-
Click on Tools on the menu bar
then click on Internet Options
then click on Privacy and make sure your Settings for Cookies are on Medium High
then click on Sites button
then type into the Address Of Website bar and then click Allow
then click OK and click OK again and close IE and restart and it should work.
Hugs to All

6 lovely people said....:

Donnelly said...

Thank you so much!!! This has been frustrating me for a couple of weeks. I followed your directions and it worked. Thank you for taking the time to figure this out for us and for sharing it with us!
Have a great day.

call me crazy said...

Thank you! It only happens on certain blogs for me, and I couldn't figure out why! I love that I can fix it! :-)
Have a happy day!~

Michelle said...

Thank you! I changed my settings as well. What a sweetheart you are. Do you mind if I post about it and link to you?
be blessed,

Home of Creative Treasures said...

Vicki I am going to mention your post (with links) in my up and coming "Friday Link Sharing" post so that a few more people are aware of this fix. It must be a big relief to those that have been experiencing it. (((hugs)))

Michelle said...

I did change the settings, and I still get the message on a few blogs. Darn! Thanks for helping. Maybe there's just nothing we can do.
be blessed,

Laila said...

Thank you for this tip. I have had the same problem with Internet Explorer. When I changed to Mozilla Firefox I could surfe around in Blogland without getting that error message.
Hugs from Laila (Norway)