Monday, 22 June 2009

Blogs are coming up with Error Message

Blogs I want to have a look at are coming up with these problems.

This comes up first and so you click on the OK button
and then it takes you to this....

I dont know what is going on and wether it is IE having a problem or if its to do with certain things in the blogs. Some one thought it was the linkwithin widget on thier blog but there are quite a few blogs who doesnt have this on theirs so it cant be that what is causing the problem.

I dont know who to contact to sort this all out but I keep sending the information to Microsoft and I dont know if they are doing anything to see what is the problem or not.

I have found if I click on the OK button and the just cancel it from finding what the problem is and just click on the arrow (back) button up on the left of the webpage to take me back to the first page that I wanted to look at and it seems to be ok and not have the problem. But it is a pain to have to do this and it should be fixed.

I really think its IE that has a problem as some have said they are using Firefox and dont have the problem.

So if you are having a real quiet time on your blog you know that people are having this problem and cant view your blog. Not a good thing!! I want it fixed now!!

hugs to all Vicki

4 lovely people said....:

Jeannette said...

I will email you a detailed message.

clare's craftroom said...

Hi Vicki , this happens to me randomly and it doesn't appear to any particular type of blog . Hope it is fixed soon .

bubbachenille said...

OM Goodness, this looks like my blog you showed the error message on ! Hope it's fixed soon, I dont want you to miss out on anything !!!

Ryan said...

I've had this problem as well. It seems that IE's new version 8 is having problems reading the code.

If you use firefox you shouldn't have a problem. For some reason IE 8 is just hypersensitive to the code that uses. It's a bug that they need to fix.

My blog would only load halfway when viewed with IE 8. When I used firefox i came up fine.